3X Wild Cherry Slots

We immediately liked the look of 3x Wild Cherry slot game, probably because it uses a nice mix of colors to introduce some fun to the reels. The paytable is nice and bright too, and there is a lot going on here – more than you might expect for a game like this.

But let’s not give away too much before we reveal the facts and figures this game has in store…

Reels and paylines

If you hadn’t guessed, this game presents you with three reels and just the one payline to bet on.

Available wagers for 3x Wild Cherry

While there is just one payline, you can adjust your wager by choosing to play one, two, or three coins on that line. Each coin can be worth between one cent and $10.

3x Wild Cherry special icons

The bar symbols are good, because you need only get a combination of any three to win the smallest prize on the reels. Meanwhile, the 3x logo goes wild in a combination, with one multiplying your prize by 3x and two multiplying it by 9x. That means the two wilds are multiplied together to benefit the player’s payout.

Is there a bonus feature?

There is no bonus here, but there is a progressive jackpot. You must get three jackpot symbols featuring a wild cherry wearing sunglasses to trigger the progressive jackpot to pay out. However, to do this, you must play at least a 25-cent bet on the line. So, make sure you work out your budget and choose a coin value that will allow you to achieve this if you want a shot at the big pot.

Get ready to download and enjoy playing the 3x Wild Cherry slot game today!

This is a nice game considering it only has three reels and a single payline to treat you to. If you want to play a solid three-reel game, you could certainly do a lot worse than to pick this one. There is ample choice available in bet amounts, and you don’t need to play the maximum bet to trigger the progressive jackpot to pay out, unlike some other slots.

So, if you want to try and find those wild cherries, this is the game to play to make it happen. If you’re lucky, you could also benefit from those amazing multipliers!