Amazing 7's Slots

There are many different types of online slots out there from the very simple to the more complex. For classic slot players, the one payline and the limited action on the reels can be a concern, which is why Amazing 7's slots is a great option.

Featuring the look of the symbols of a classic fruit, bar and sevens slot, it features 25 paylines, three different options for playing credits and a great wagering range. Without any wilds or scatters, but still with great winning combinations, this is a combination of a five reel video slot and a true classic slot.

The Wagering Difference

For those used to playing 5 reel video slots this 5 reel, 25 payline slot is a bit different for wagering. First, players will choose the coin they wish to play from a low of a penny per coin to up to 5 dollars. Then, choose the number of lines to play from one through to twenty-five.

This should all be familiar, so nothing new at this point. The next step is different on Amazing 7's slots than a standard video slot, and it goes back to the classic slot game. To the right side of the reels, you will see the buttons play 1, play 2 or play 3 credits.

The Paytable

From the home screen or the screen with the reels, click on the View Pays button to the bottom right-hand corner of the wager area below the reels. This will take you to a second screen. Click through the 2nd, 3rd and max credit, max payline options.

This gives players a good understanding of the increase in winning possibilities with each coin played per line. Remember, the payouts listed are in coins, and with the maximum credit, maximum payline you will see that the big prize is 100,000 coins, which would be $500,000 in cash.

Symbols of the Classics

The background is black with flames in swirling red colors, with the bright symbols standing out on the screen. You will see the classic cherries and one, two and three bar symbols along with the flaming on, two and three seven's.

With Amazing 7's slots, the simplicity of the game and the great winning potential is a big draw for players of all levels. As there is a significant winning potential, this is a slot that high rollers or low rollers alike will enjoy for a night playing a traditional slot game with a twist.