Cleopatra’s Pyramid Takes on Some Amazing Graphics

We all know some slot games leave something to be desired in the way of graphics. Not so with Cleopatra’s Pyramid though, where a lot of hard work has gone into the look and feel of this game. No wonder it is one of the more popular slots online today!

But will its Egyptian theme turn out to be good for you, with lots of prizes to look forward to?

What can you expect from the game’s reels and paylines?

If you have played any number of online slots before, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the five-reel, 20-line arrangement that is in place here.

Can you make good bets on the game?

Yes, although you can only play a single coin on each payline. You can still make individual line bets of between one cent and $10, so that gives you an idea of the range of bets available here.

Does Cleopatra’s Pyramid have special symbols?

Watch for the scarab to appear on the reels, as this will be the scatter. Of course, since the game uses Cleopatra’s name in the title, it won’t be a surprise to learn she is the wild in this game.

Furthermore, the scatter has the power to unlock a round of free spins. You will need three or more as per usual, and this game awards you with 15 free spins when that happens. You also get the perk of tripled prizes in the free games.

Can you play a bonus round?

Aside from the free spins, you can also look forward to the pyramid bonus round. This really is worth mentioning and is one of the best features of the game. The pyramid appears with seven tiers, and the idea is to get as far up as you can. Choose a brick from the bottom tier first. You need to get a prize and avoid the asp – the snake that lies in wait to finish the game. If you win a prize, you continue to the next level and so on, trying to avoid the asp at every level. If you get it, it’s bonus game over.

Download and play Cleopatra’s Pyramid slots today!

This game looks good and plays very well indeed. It also has a great experience awaiting you in the bonus round, as you will see from the details given above. If you have a chance, make sure you play it!