Gladiator's Gold Slots

The mere mention of gladiators gives us a huge clue to the theme that will be used in Gladiator's Gold slot game. Are we going to be thrust into a gladiatorial contest, or will this game turn into a damp squib?

There is just one way to find out, of course, and that is by giving it a try. Will the gladiators be on our side, or will they thwart our plans to take home some prizes?

Format for reels and win lines

With five reels in action here, you might expect lots of paylines to bet on. That is not the case, though, as there are only five of them. It does at least make it affordable to cover the lot if you want to play the game.

Coin values in use

With five lines to bet on, it's a surprise to see there is still a one-cent coin to play with here. This means you get a five-cent minimum as the total bet. There are other coins here too, with the largest reaching $10 a time.

Are there special icons to look for in the Gladiator's Gold slot?

Would you be surprised if we were to reveal there was no wild in Gladiator's Gold? We guess you would be. And we might also surprise you further to tell you there is no scatter either. It won't be a surprise, therefore, when we reveal there isn't a bonus icon to look for either.

That is a shame, because the game looks good, with Caesar and the Colosseum both appearing on the reels here, among other symbols. They are worth different amounts, but you must achieve a winning combination on your own, without the help of a wild.

Does this game have a bonus round?

No, and we doubt you will be amazed to hear that, given the total lack of special symbols as we mentioned above.

The best way to play this game is to take it on as an expanded version of a basic three-reel game. If you like those, this one will have some appeal for you too.

Download and play the Gladiator's Gold slot game today

It's clear this slot will have a limited audience to appeal to. Are you in that audience? Only you can make that decision, but we think players wanting bonuses will go elsewhere.