Island Hoppers Slots

Take on the life of a pilot traveling through Bermuda in Island Hoppers. This classic slot game has you working with a Piper Cub plane as you try and find a huge treasure win. The slot itself is pretty simple to play and offers good payouts for the different symbols. That's why it's recommended for gamblers that like simple games with decent payouts. If you're the type of gambler that enjoys classic slots, you'll likely enjoy Island Hoppers. If you like something more complex, you might not enjoy the gambling experience that this slot offers you.

Simple Betting

Betting should be simple when playing a classic slot game, and it works pretty easily in Island Hoppers. You have one to three coins that you can use, and you have a value that you can set for all the coins. This value ranges from a low of $.10 and a high of $10.00 making it possible to bet a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $30.00 per spin in this slot. That's a decent range and will make Island Hopper easier for many different types of gamblers to experience. If you want a well-rounded slot game to test out, this classic game is worth a try thanks to the good mix of wager options.

High Paying Medals

The wing medals offered in Island Hoppers is the most valuable symbol in the game and the one that you want to be looking out for as you spin the reels. This symbol is worth between 1,000 and 2,000 coins per win. You get 1,000 coins for a single wagered coin, and 2,000 coins for three wagered coins. When playing this slot game, it actually makes sense to wager just a single coin because of the way that these payouts work. With a single coin you win 1,000 coins per jackpot, and with three coins you win just under 700 coins per coin wagered. You can win the most for your money with a single coin wager in Island Hoppers.

Use the Extra Features

Island Hoppers features a few extra features besides the spin button. There is an AutoPlay button that lets you go through many rounds of the slot without pressing spin. It's a good idea to use this feature as often as possible to help you spin the reels without wasting the time it takes to press the button yourself. You can go through many rounds, even without being in front of your device with this feature.

The two bet buttons on this slot game will let you bet high or bet low with the quick press of a button, no matter what your last wager was set at. This is a handy feature that speeds up the wagering process when you play online. If you want to make the most of the slot game and all that it has to offer, these simple buttons make things easier for you.

Island Hoppers is a cool pilot themed classic slot game, and one of the only classic slots we've seen with this theme. For that reason alone it's cool to try out. If the theme isn't enough, the top jackpot payouts are exciting and the different winning combinations will give you something to shoot for. The game is simple to play, and highly accessible for gamblers that don't want to use complicated features and learn how to make use of a bunch of different bonus rounds, wilds and scatters.