Liberty 7's Slots

If you are feeling patriotic or just want to enjoy a great slot with a definite American theme, Liberty 7's slots is the game you will want to play. A classic slot, the red, white and blue theme is attractive and eye-catching, but it is the winning opportunities that keep everyone coming back for more.

With a jackpot of 10000 coins, this is a game that offers a top wagering range for a three reel, one payline slot. Simple, yet providing great online classic slot action, it is no wonder that this game is one of the more popular of the classic slots.

A Simple Game to Play

One of the big advantages to Liberty 7's slots is that it is a relaxing game to play. There are no complicated second screen games, just the fun and classic entertainment offered by an old-school casino slot.

The game is designed to look just like a real slot machine, so players have that true casino experience when playing. In fact, you can even see the slot machines on the adjacent sides and the background of the casino between the two.

You will also enjoy the sounds of a classic slot. Of course, you can adjust the volume or even mute the sound, giving you full control over what you hear as well as how you play.


The coin size and the number of coins played can be adjusted right below the reels. The coin size is a penny to up to ten dollars. Players can choose to play one coin, two coins or three for a maximum wager of $30 per spin.

While you can choose to play any number of coins, by looking at the paytable it is easy to see that playing 3 coins offers the biggest winnings. The top payout when playing three coins is 10,000 while when playing just one coin it is only 2400, which make a big difference.

Symbols to Win

Players will win if they draw a blank on all three reels on the payline. They will also win if the symbols are all reds, all whites or all blues or a red, white and blue combination. Bars and sevens pay out with any three or in groups of identical symbols. The highest paying combination at any coin level on Liberty 7's slots is the red, white and blue sevens.

While the game doesn't offer wilds or bonus games, it is a great classic slot to play. With terrific prizes possible and a lot of action on the reels, this is a perfect game for a gambler of any experience level.