Magic Monkey II Slots

Take on the role of a magical wizard monkey as you turn the reels and try to unlock all sorts of exciting prize payouts. This slot game is charming, it packs in all sorts of cartoony elements and it's the type of game that you'll want to come back to over time. It's not a perfect slot, but it does offer some decent options. Take a moment to read through our review of the game to learn if it's right for you or if you should keep testing out other slot games.

Just 5 Paylines

There are just 5 paylines available to work with when playing this slot game. When you're placing wagers you can easily turn the different lines on and off to get just the right wager that you're comfortable with. The slot allows players to make low-stakes wagers up to mid-level bets depending on the settings they use.

Wager Pennies to $50

The minimum wager amount that's possible while playing this slot game is just $0.01 per spin. The maximum wager amount is as much as $50.00 by placing $10 wagers on each of the available paylines. Because the game has adjustable lines you can choose a very specific wager amount when playing. That's good news for the players that want a high level of control over the bets they place.

Watch for Monkeys and Bananas

The two most useful symbols in this game are the monkeys and the bananas. The monkeys serve as wilds and lead to regular prize payouts and help you complete prize-winning combinations more frequently. Bananas are the scatter symbols and also encourage more frequent prize wins as you turn the reels. Between these two special symbols, you'll have loads of opportunities to win.

Unlock Banana Free Spins

Getting three or more of the banana symbols is all it takes to uncover the free spin bonus round. Do that and you'll get 20 free spins where all your payouts are doubled. This is the time when you'll get the most impressive wins and it's the time when you'll be hoping for the best winning combinations as well. Wager as much as you can while playing this slot, because your free spins will play at whatever your wager amount is when you activate them.

Play on Mobile from Anywhere

Magic Monkey II isn't a slot game that needs to be limited to one location. Instead, you can play this slot game anywhere that you like. It works on most mobile devices and it runs just as smoothly on mobile as it does on a full computer. If you fall in love with this slot, you are free to bring it with you anywhere that you go. It doesn't require an app either and will run in your mobile's web browser.

Enjoy Instant Access

Downloading software to play a slot game is more work than many gamblers are willing to go through. That's why we were happy to experience the instant-play design of this casino game. You can open up the slot and start playing moments after visiting a compatible casino website. That means you don't have downloads to worry about and you won't have to wait for any files to download or install before you can begin playing either.

A Good Value for its Cost

With a 96% RTP or return to player value, this game is a solid value for gamblers that want to get as much money back in prize payouts as possible. This value means that 96% of the money wagered on this slot is given back to its players. That means the game pays out larger or more frequent prizes than many other slot games on the market today.

Test this Slot Game Free

There's no need to spend any actual money when testing out this slot game. That's because it's possible to run it in Demo mode for free. That's right, serious players that want to learn more about this casino game can test all the features out without spending any money at all on them. This makes it more convenient than ever to get to know this game, and it's a good reason to start playing.

Magic Monkey II is an entertaining slot that's packed with character and fun features. It's not perfect though, and will disappoint high rollers looking to win huge payouts.