Malt Shop Memories Slots

Malt Shop Memories is a nostalgic online slot game that’s themed to bring you back to the 50’s. The slot features a host of symbols like malt shakes, sports cars, roller skates, burgers and flags that all have an old-school look to them. Add in the 50’s themed background and you have a nice looking slot that’s clearly designed to bring you back in time. The game is simple in design, and doesn’t cram too many features in. Malt Shop Memories is a top-rated online slot and we often recommend it to classic slot gamblers that want a basic experience. Keep reading to find out what you can get from this slot game.

Place Your Bet

To start off with you can wager a minimum of $0.10 on Malt Shop Memories. If that’s too low, you are free to raise your wager all the way up to $30.00 with three coins on the one payline of this slot game. There are plenty of wagering options in between those two extremes, but those are the lowest and highest options that you have to work with when you play the slot game. If you’re looking to make the most of the game you should bet big, and if you want to save your money, you should bet smaller. Just make sure that you wager three coins with every bet that you make as much as you possibly can. Doing so will help you make the most of any jackpot payouts that you manage to get.

Win Big with the Malt Shake

The Malt Shake is the most useful symbol in this slot game and is the one that will help you win the biggest prize payouts. This symbol is worth between 500 and 2,000 coins when you get three of them across your payline. With a maximum wager that means you could win between $5,000 and $20,000 from this jackpot symbol if you are fortunate enough to get three of them across the reels of the slot. That’s a lot of money for you to collect from a single spin when the maximum you can wager is $30.00.

Autoplay for Long Term Sessions

If you’re going to play an extended session of Malt Shop Memories you should use the AutoPlay feature to keep the reels turning more effectively. This special feature will let you choose how many turns you want to take on the slot, and you won’t have to press spin for any of those turns. You could literally go through hundreds of turns without pressing a thing when you use that powerful feature, which is why so many gamblers choose this slot game when they want to play for a long time.

A Relaxing Gambling Experience

If the nostalgic symbols of Malt Shop Memories isn’t enough to get you into a relaxed mood while playing this slot game, the basic gambling setup of the game is sure to do so. The slot is designed for simplicity above all else, and doesn’t force you to use any special features at all. Instead, it’s designed with just basic symbol combinations that add up to some decent prize payouts. Get familiar with those and you should have no trouble playing this slot game. If you want a basic gambling experience the lack of features in Malt Shop Memories is a bonus. If you want something more interesting, you might see it as a downside.

Car Scatters

Most classic slot games that you play today don’t have special features for you to take advantage of. That’s why the scatter symbol in Malt Shop Memories is so special. The car symbol serves as a scatter in this slot game and as long as you get at least one of these beauties you will be rewarded with a payout from the slot game. These symbols will reward you with two times the number of coins that you have wagered during that round of the slot game. That means when you have three coins in play you will get a 6 coin payout from the scatter symbol. This scatter will help you unlock payouts more frequently and will keep those small wins pouring in when you aren’t getting the big ones.