Mine all Mine Slots

What’s more exciting than mining for gold and seeking out huge life-changing scores of loot? Nothing! That’s why we were so excited to try out Mine all Mine, an online slot game themed after gold mining. This slot game is designed to capture the excitement of searching for that massive gold haul that’s going to change your life forever. The slot game is packed with features and special graphics that help draw you into the game and make the experience as exciting as possible. We tested it out thoroughly to see what Mine all Mine had to offer, and we weren’t disappointed.

Huge Wagering Potential

Mine all Mine is perfect for many different types of gamblers thanks to the very generous wagering range that players have to work with. There is literally a gap of more than $600 that you can move around in to get just the right wager level that’s right for you. At the low end you can bet a minimum of $0.25 per spin. At the high end you can wager all the way up to $625. That upper end is what stood out most to us when testing out this slot, even though we couldn’t afford to bet at that level! That’s a wager amount that’s much higher than what you’ll find with most other slot games, and it’s something that makes the game particularly exciting for high rollers that want to really put their money on the line and go for massive prize wins.

Watch for the Dynamite

Dynamite is a powerful tool for a miner looking to uncover precious gems and gold. It’s also a very useful little feature in Mine all Mine. Occasionally you’ll notice the miner tossing dynamite onto random reels of the slot game as you play along. The reels that are hit will transform into a cluster of wild symbols for serious prize potential. There’s no way to predict where these symbols will and, but they only show on the central three reels.

Miner Free Spins

The Miner symbol is the key to unlocking the special free spin bonus round, and it will lead to some exciting prize wins. Three or more of these scatter symbols will give you a nice prize payout, but the benefits don’t stop there. Not only do you get a prize payout, but you trigger the free spin bonus round of Mine all Mine. This round comes with 10 free spins with increased prize payouts and more wilds as well. We won handsomely during the few free spin rounds that we triggered during our test period, and thoroughly enjoyed playing through each and every one of them.

A Whole Lot of Jackpots

Mine all Mine is literally packed with progressive jackpots. There are three different random jackpots that can trigger at any time. If you’re hoping to win a good amount of cash, you might just get lucky enough to trigger one or all of the jackpots. These jackpots increase in value each time you go through a round without winning anything. The jackpots can go off after any round and they will go off randomly when you least expect them. These jackpots can literally take a low paying round with this slot game and make it into a highly valuable round where you walk away with hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Mine all Mine is perfect for those gamblers that like the idea of mining for gold or even seeking out buried treasure. There’s something fun and exciting about searching for hidden gems and precious loot that others can only dream of finding, and that’s the sort of experience that you’ll have with this slot. If you’re a high roller looking to wager more than you ever have before on a slot, this is the game for you. If you’re an average slot player looking to access some cool new features, there are a few of those as well.