Monster Blowout Slots

Moster Blowout is a beautiful monster-themed game with many different colorful monster symbols on the reels as you spin. The game also has brilliant colorful lights in the background, and each of the different monsters is an animated figure that occasionally appears along the sides as you play. Between all these little features the game looks stunning and you'll want to keep playing to enjoy how nice things look.

30 Fixed Paylines

The game has a total of 30 paylines that are always turned on as you play. Whenever you spin you're risking 30 coins from this slot. The locked-on paylines give you 30 chances to win, but only if you're comfortable risking 30 coins in the process.

Low and High Wagers

It's possible to wager a low of $0.30 per spin but you can also raise your wager to $300.00. Choose the amount you're comfortable with and enjoy the game with your wager in place. With such a wide range of wagers, you have excellent gambling options to work with, but they aren't perfect.

Win Up to 1,207x Your Wager

No matter how much you wager, you could win as much as 1,207x that amount if you get a huge win. This leaves you open to massive winning opportunities that should be encouragement to play the game.

A Below Average Value

We look for slot games to pay 96% of the money taken from players back as prizes. This slot doesn't do that. Instead, it pays about 95.6% of the money back. That's an okay value, but it's lower than the average that we look for when recommending a slot.

Intense Free Spins are Possible

Getting 3 or more of the free spin symbols gives you 5 or more free spins. During the round, you'll win more often and you'll likely experience some thrilling features.

Open Your Lottery Tickets

The main reason to play this game is because of the lottery tickets. You must be prepared to play for an extended period to claim your tickets though. The game gives out lottery tickets as you spin, and when you've spun enough you get to open them. The tickets have random prize values. The best part of this slot is scratching off each ticket and winning. You must play long enough to open your tickets to enjoy this slot.

It's Free to Try

Before you decide this game isn't worth it. Try it. We know you'll love the slot because it's fast-paced and fun. We did not expect to love this slot, but we recommend it to most players now. Try it and you'll quickly see why Monster Blowout deserves a recommendation.

Monster Blowout is a different type of slot than what you'll experience. It feels different and offers a source of entertainment you can't get from other games. Test it yourself and see why we think it's impressive.