Movie Magic Slots

Experience the magic of movies in slot form with Movie Magic the online slot game. It features camera’s set markers, popcorn bags, a producer and other common symbols that you would see in a theatre or during film production. The slot game has a theme that most players will be able to relate with, and it has a fun look to it overall. The theme of the slot isn’t what makes it special though. We were impressed with its features. We tested out the slot fully and explain why it’s special down below and why some players will love this slot and others won’t enjoy it.

Bet at a Level that’s Comfortable

There are 25 paylines in Movie Magic, and you can turn them on and off at will. With all 25 lines active you’re going to win prizes more frequently, but you’ll spend more money to spin the reels. With just 1 line active you’ll save a bundle on every spin, but it will be difficult to win any prizes. We suggest choosing a level that you are comfortable with and that will help you maximize your wins. Each of those lines requires a wager, and you can set wagers at $0.01 at a minimum and $10.00 at a maximum. That means you can wager $0.01 at the lowest per spin and $250.00 at the highest when you have a bunch of money to spend on the slot game.

Jackpot Payouts

The best standard payout that you can get form this slot game comes from the man and woman symbol. This symbol is worth up to 5,000 coins or $50,000 with a maximum wager in place. This can come during the standard rounds of the game. If you manage to get this top jackpot while in the free spin round of the game you could win up to $150,000, which is a prize that you won’t see offered on many other slot games. The second best payout is just half of that worth up to $25,000 during the standard rounds and $75,000 during the bonus spin rounds.


Autoplay is a feature that allows gamblers to keep playing through one round after another in their slot game of choice. Movie Magic has this feature and will let you go through hundreds of spins without pressing any buttons after it is setup. It’s a powerful tool that is perfect for gamblers that have extended sessions and want to enjoy a hands-free experience. You can even play the reels without being in front of your computer using this feature.

Massive Free Spin Win Potential

While we won’t cover all the specifics of how free spins work in this slot game, we wanted to take a minute to talk about the potential that the free spin game offers in Movie Magic. It’s possible to get up to 150 free spins with this bonus feature. That’s a massive amount of free spins and much more than what you can get from most other slot games you’ll play today. Not only that, but you can get up to a 3x multiplier on every single win that you get from those free spin rounds. If that’s not exciting to you, I don’t know what you’re doing playing slot games! This free spin round has serious potential and you could win thousands of dollars with a massive free spin bonus game with 150 turns.

Movie Magic is an upscale slot game that looks nice and pays out handsomely if you win big. It has the features that most gamblers are interested in, and it’s a rock solid slot experience for any gambler that really wants to make the most of their time online. Test it out to see what so many people love about the slot game.