Shaaark! Slots

Shaaark is a slot game that’s all about a shark swimming through the water and trying to get victims. It’s Jaws turned into a slot game, and it’s a whole lot of fun for shark fans. If you like sharks, you’ll find this slot game to be quite charming. That’s before we even start talking about the bonus features and all the money that you can win playing this slot game.

Wagering to Win

The wager you make determines how much cash you can win in Shaaark! The slot game. That’s why you must place a wager with care. You can go small if you don’t want to lose a whole lot of cash and wager as little as $0.01 on a single payline. You won’t win prizes frequently and when you do they will be smaller, but you can extend a small bankroll for a long time this way. If you have money to burn, and you want to try for the biggest payouts that are possible from the slot game, you can go big with major wagers as high as $250 per spin with a $10 wager on each of the 25 different paylines at once. This is a huge wager and will go through thousands of dollars over a short play session, but it gives you a chance at the biggest payouts and some epic wins. If you’re like most players that try this slot, you’ll end up going with a wager that’s somewhere in the middle of those figures.

Huge Jackpot Potential

It’s possible to win a boatload of cash in this slot game with enough luck. You can effectively win up to 4,000 times your line wager, which is a whopping $40,000 if you’re wagering the maximum amount while playing. If you win this during the free spin round you’ll double your win and walk away with up to $80,000 with a top wager amount. That’s a lot of cash, even if you’re laying down the maximum wager every single time that you spin the reels.

Win with the Fin

The fin symbol is the scatter in Shaaark and is a tool to help you win more frequently and to unlock a good solid bonus round. Two or more of these symbols leaves you with a prize payout. Getting all five will lead you to a 50x payout that’s multiplied by your entire wager amount for up to $25,000 in prize cash. Not to mention that you’ll trigger the free spin round as well.

Free Spins Bonus

With three or more fin symbols you will open up the free spin round of this online slot game. During this round you get 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier on any wins that you unlock. That might not seem like a lot when you think about it, but you could end up with a massive $80,000 in prize money from a single spin if you win the jackpot amount and you are wagering the maximum as you play. Even if you don’t meet those conditions, you’re likely to win some decent prizes over those 10 unpaid spins to help improve your gambling session notably.

Shark Wilds

The shark is the wild symbol in this slot game and is your ticket to winning more prize payouts. Each time you get a shark it will take the place of most other symbols that you see on the reels. Get enough of these beauties and you’ll unlock the maximum payout for the slot game as well.

If you’re the type of person that loves the movie Jaws or those shark documentaries, you’ll love Shaaark! The online slot game. It’s designed to appeal to a wide audience of players and has some pretty cool features as well. You could win a huge jackpot payout with this slot game, and even if you don’t you’ll probably have a lot of fun playing it.