Having Fun with Online Tournaments

A key part of our website is the huge section of tournaments we offer. There are lots of these to choose from, with some lasting just one day and others running for a month or so.

Some slot players never worry about entering tournaments, but as you’ll see here, there are lots of ways to enjoy them. if you’re unsure where to begin, allow us to guide you through the maze. You’ll start having fun sooner than you think!

Try a day-long tournament first

Every day is a tournament day at Lincoln Casino! That means you only ever need to wait a few hours to be in at the start of the action when you try your luck in one of our tournaments. It also means you can see how a tournament works from start to finish, without taking part in one that lasts for a longer period.

Claim your place in a free-to-enter tournament

If you think these will be few and far between, think again. We’ve got one live every day – even at the weekends – so you will always be able to enter a free tournament. The prize pool for many of these tournaments is $100. That means you get the chance to win a prize in addition to the ones available in the slot game used in that tournament.

Pick a tournament using a slot game you haven’t played before

Our daily tournaments each use a different slot game. One day you could be playing Monte Magic, and the next it could be Pay Day (literally, if you get lucky!). Later in the month, you could try your luck with Triple Gold, Flamin’ 7s, or Crazy Cherry. Our site is packed full of slots for you to enjoy, so there is bound to be a good selection of them you haven’t encountered before. If you are going to try a new one, it makes sense to introduce another winning chance by entering a tournament focusing on that very slot game. If it is free to enter, as many are, so much the better.

If you miss out on entering some of our tournaments, you’re missing out on some great experiences and prizes. Try the Daily Three Free ones first and go from there. We doubt you will look back and regret it – but you might look back and be glad you took part.