Enhance Any Shopping Experience With Supermarket Mania Slots

If you have always thought of grocery shopping as rather boring and mundane, or perhaps one of those chores you put off as long as possible, you will have a whole different perspective once you try out Supermarket Mania Slots.

This is actually a very well designed game with great graphics that feature everyday items you would buy on your trip to the local grocery store. However, you won't find excitement like this at your local store, since on this slot you can win big with the wild, scatter, multipliers and free spins offered with specific combinations.

Get Started

Even with its rather unusual theme, Supermarket Mania Slots is a lot of fun to play. It is a great lot for new players or those with a lot of online casino experience. This is an excellent slot if you just want to play for a low amount per spin, or you can choose max bet and play like a high roller.

The wagering amount is from one penny to up to ten dollars in set increments. Then, you just need to pick the number of lines to place your full wager. Top wager on the 20 payline, 5 reel slot will be $200 per spin at max bet and the low is just a penny wagering on one line.

As winnings are based on bet amounts, playing the maximum bet will earn you the biggest rewards.

Everyday Symbols

The symbols you see on the reels are sure to make you smile. There is the cashier and cake and donuts from the bakery, the milk and cheese from the dairy, and, of course, the canned goods, condiments and even the meat.

The graphics are very lifelike, and you will even be able to pick out your favorite brands by the colors on the labels. Of course, you won't want to forget the fresh vegetables, and there is even a symbol for that.

Best Symbols to See

The two key symbols to watch for are the Coupons, which are the scatters. The more you see the scatters, the better the prizes. Three or more will automatically give you 10 free spins at a 2xs multiplier, and this feature can be retriggered during the free spins.

The shopping cart is another symbol to watch for, and three or more will trigger the second screen game, with bonus multipliers. In the bonus game, you choose an aisle and go shopping, cashing in on what you are able to find from the list of items. You can also trade in your prizes and keep playing, which adds an additional great level of winning to this really unique Supermarket Mania Slots game.