Three Great Titles to Try

There are so many slot games to play at Lincoln Casino, it is hard to imagine you would ever run short of a game or two to play. However, you never know what you might enjoy playing unless you try. No doubt there has been a slot game or two in the past that you didn’t fancy playing… and then you tried it and loved it.

As such, there could well be some other varied games here that you haven’t yet played. If you want to discover something new, we think we might have just the ones for you to try.

Bingo Bucks

This is a slight cheat because the game is like a regular slot. However, it also uses elements of bingo to make things a bit more interesting. You will see various bingo balls appearing on a 5 x 5 grid, with lines indicated around all four sides. That is the other element that is different about this game. Look out for jokers, Cupid, and treasure chests too!

Dazzling Dice

Again, we have cheated slightly by introducing you to this 5 x 5 grid filled with dice. However, this one has a poker twist too, since regular hands of poker are acknowledged as potential winning hands here. While you may not realize it at first, you can win on up to 12 paylines. The game takes some more thought than a regular slot, and if you like poker or dice – or both – this one will have lots of appeal.


We chose this game because everyone has heard of it. Even if you aren’t keen on other table games, blackjack is accessible and easy to play. The challenge is to get to 21. Hit that and you win. The other scenario is to get closer to 21 without going over than the dealer does. It is that simple, and yet the game itself is a joy to play and is very appealing too. If you want a change from the regular slot games you play, you would do well to try blackjack, so you can see how close you can get to the magic 21.

So, whether it is to do with bingo, dice, or cards, you can see there are numerous other great games to try here. Why go elsewhere when everything is under the same virtual roof?