Trending Slots at Lincoln Casino

Online casinos tend to offer plenty of slot games for people to play. While some casinos put all the slots in one area, others break down the offering a little more. When you first arrive at Lincoln Casino, you'll see the slots category over on the left-hand side. However, when you go through to that area, you'll see there are various options given to you above the mix of games that appears.

The three-, five-, and seven-reel options are all marked as green when you arrive. If you uncheck those boxes, no games are found. You then need to check the box that says trending to get more information on those games.

What are trending games?

These are typically the games that a lot of players are interested in. You'll notice the casino has various labels for its games, including new and updated ones. Some of these might appear in the trending area too.

What can you find out about these games before choosing to play them?

Each game is represented by a circular image and the title, which appears just below that image. If you position your cursor over the image you like the look of, you can find out more about that game. The basics are given there, such as how many paylines there are and whether the game includes a bonus feature. This is a good way to get the facts about it, as they could help you figure out which of the trending games is right for you.

Better yet, Lincoln Casino gives non-members the chance to try some demo games before signing up. If you'd like to check out some trending games, you know how. Why not give a few a try and see if Lincoln Casino is for you?