Trick or Treat Slots

With Halloween coming up it’s fun to prepare for a night of fun with spooky movies, picking out costumes and preparing scary food dishes. But another way that you can celebrate the holiday is by playing spooky slot games online. Trick or Treat is the perfect gambling option for someone looking to celebrate the holidays without playing an overly complicated slot. It’s designed for simplicity, while still offering features that you wouldn’t see on other classic slot games. It really gives you the best of both worlds overall.

Choose Your Bet With Care

While you can’t bet huge piles of money on Trick or Treat, it’s still important to think about the wager that you’re going to place when you start playing this Halloween themed slot game. you have a range of $0.10 and $10.00 to work with for each of the coins that you wager on this game, and you can lay down up to three coins per turn. What that really means is that you can wager between $0.10 and $30.00 per spin depending on the coins you have laid and the bet amount per coin. A top bet gives you a chance at the highest prize payouts which can be worth as much as $24,000, and a small wager will help you save money as you play through round after round.

Wild Witches

Unlike many other classic slots, Trick or Treat has a wild symbol. The iconic witch symbol serves as a wild for this classic slot and will help you complete more prize payouts. This wild will double any prize that it helps create, or quadruple it if you use two wilds to create the prize winning combination. If you get three wilds in a row on the payline, you’ll trigger the jackpot payout that’s worth 800 coins per coin wagered. That means you can win up to 2,400 coins or $24,000 for a top wager when you get three witches with a maximum wager in place. That’s a pretty good payout, though smaller than the top payout from some other classic slot games.

No Auto Play

If you like going through hundreds of spins on the reels without pressing the button, you aren’t going to enjoy Trick or Treat. This slot game doesn’t come with an Autoplay feature, which means that you have to manually press the spin button each time you want the reels to spin. That’s going to be a deal breaker for some gamblers, but many won’t mind pressing the button on the relaxing slot game.

Jack-O-Lantern Bonus Round

The Bonus symbol triggers the special bonus round of this slot game, which is something else that you don’t get from most classic slots. The bonus round is a simple pick your prize type of feature, but it’s quite a bit of fun. At the start of the round you have 9 pumpkins to choose from. The one you choose tells you an instant prize payout that you can get. If you don’t want that prize and think you can do better, you can trade in your pick for a different one. You get up to three picks before the feature is over, so it’s possible to win quite a bit of cash with the right selection.

Trick or Treat is a more advanced slot game than many you’ll come across while gambling online. It features a bonus game and a wild that also works as a multiplier. That’s a lot more for you to learn and get comfortable with than what you will encounter with many other classic slot games. For some players this is a very good thing, for others it’s a bad thing. If you like things as simple as possible, don’t’ play this slot game. If you like interesting slots and don’t mind learning new features, Trick or Treat can be a whole lot of fun.