Triple 10x Wild Slots

Many online slot players today have never tried one of the classic three reel, one payline slot that have been fully upgraded for online play. If you are one of these players, you owe it to yourself to spin the reels of Triple 10 Wild slots for a few minutes when you are online the next time.

Unlike the image of the boring old classic slot, this game offers a lot of features and winning opportunities. There is also a very good wagering range that makes it ideal for low to mid-level players and even high rollers.

The Game is Simple

As with all classic three reel, one payline slots by WGS Technology, the screen is designed to give a real casino look and feel. Players can adjust their wager using the plus or minus arrows to either side of the coin value display.

The low wager is just a penny while the high is ten dollars. Additionally, players will select the number of credits/coins to play from one to three. This means the highest wager is $30 per spin, with a potential jackpot of 10,000 when playing three credits.

Winnings are highlighted on the single payline and also come with sound effects to let you know of the win.

Traditional Symbols Plus

The symbols on the reels include both traditional slot symbols as well as some that are unique to Triple 10 Wild slots. The standard symbols include the cherries, bars, bells and sevens.

Additional symbols to look for include the stack of cash and the 3X symbol and the 10X symbol. Seeing this symbol is going to be a goal for all players.

Special Features

The special symbols of the two 3X and one 10X logos earn the top prize of 30000 when playing three coins. Additionally, when you see the 3X symbol you earn 3times the winning, two 3X symbols earns you 9 times, the 10 X earns you ten times and, if you see the 3X and 10X, you will earn 30 times the triggering wager.

During these extra winnings, you will see gold coins scatter from the bottom of the reels, alerting you to your good fortune.

Playing Triple 10 Wild slots is anything but a boring old three reel slot. With lots of winning possibilities, great multiplier features and a lot of online fun, this is a classic slot everyone will want to play.