Get Back To Basics With Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

If you thought all classic three reel slots had to be boring old cherries, lemons, plums, oranges or bars, you have probably not had a chance to try out the colorful Triple Rainbow 7's Slots.

While this is a classic slot, it offers a few twists that make it even more entertaining and potentially lucrative to play. It features a wild and a multiplier and also a jackpot of $40,000 if you are playing two coins and see those amazing rainbow 7s across the payline.

Simple Play Rules

Even though Triple Rainbow 7's Slots is a classic three reel, one payline slot it still offers a top range of wagering possibilities.

You will first need to selection your coin size, which can be a low of just a penny to up to ten dollars. Then, the next step is to choose to play one or two coins. Keep in mind that you can only win the jackpot if you are playing two coins, and the jackpot pays out 4000 coins, so your wager amount determines if you win the whole jackpot or a smaller amount.

The 7s

All the symbols on the reels are the number seven. However, each color or combination of colors of colors corresponds to a different winning amount based on wagering one or two coins.

Just a quick glance at the paytable above the reels is a good indicator of the difference in the potential winning should you hit on a winning 7 combination on the single central payline.

The Best 7s

The multicolored or rainbow colored 7 is the symbol you want to see. This functions as a wild, and if used on the winning combination it triples the winnings with one and multiplies your winnings by nine with two on the payline. Of course three of these are the jackpot, and even just one of the rainbow 7 symbols is going to pay.

There is a lot to be said for the simple, efficient and fast paced action of classic three reel slots like Triple Rainbow 7's Slots. For those that remember these old styles of slots in a real casino, it is a trip down memory lane. For those who never actually had to pull the lever on the slots, it is a fun look into the past, with some of the added features those original slots simply didn't have.