VIP Points

As a long term player at Lincoln Casino you'll want to take the time to get more familiar with the VIP program and what it can do for you. If you play at the casino long enough to work your way up through this special program, you'll unlock all sorts of perks and bonuses that you can use to improve your play experience and to help you get more out of your time at the casino as well. There are six different levels at Lincoln casino starting from Amber and going up to Diamond. You get from one level of the VIP program to the next by wagering enough money at the casino. As you climb to higher levels you will earn more bonus points for every dollar that you wager at the casino. These points can be exchanged for prizes and cash that you can use at the casino. By being a long-term member of Lincoln casino and wagering regularly you can get some of your money back, and unlock additional perks that aren't offered at many other casinos through a generous VIP program. VIP points for the program are given out for wagering, but they're offered at different rates. You get the most points by playing slots, followed by specialty games, table games, video poker and finally blackjack. Get to know the program and you'll come to look forward to all that it offers you.