Check Our Bonus Promos

Everyone loves a good promotion. In fact, the first thing you probably look for whenever you are thinking about joining an online casino is a promotion. This comes in the shape of a welcome deal, but you should never assume the promotions end at that point. Oftentimes, they will get better still once you’ve become a member and you are finding your way around.

And once you are at that stage, you should make the effort to visit our promotions page as often as you can. Let’s find out why.

You never know what might be there

Some promotions are time-limited, and they can be limited to just a few short days in some cases. So, if you only ever visit once a week or less, you could well miss out on some of the best deals and promotions. You wouldn’t want to do that, so why not check out that page every now and then to see whether there is anything worth claiming?

You could claim some free spins for a specific game

At the time of writing, there is a deal on that offers 40 free spins on the Cool Bananas Slots game. What better way to try a game you may not have played before? And if it happens to be a favorite, well… why wouldn’t you claim those free spins to see if you can win some prizes with them? Free spins deals are very popular, so they tend to pop up quite a lot. By visiting our bonus promos page as often as you can, you will ensure you don’t miss any of them.

You might also claim match bonuses

Yes, you get this to look forward to as well! Who said you couldn’t have the pick of great bonuses when you are ready to enjoy some fun and games at Lincoln Casino? At the time of writing, it’s possible to get a 125% bonus on the Cash Cow Slots game that could be worth up to $125, and you get 25 free spins as well! Check the promo page to find out the code for this and the deal above, or to see what else is available if these have already expired.

One thing is for sure, though – you never need to wait long to find out what else might be around the corner when you want to claim some great promotions at Lincoln Casino.