Chase the Cheddar Slots

While it looks like an old and simple game on the surface, Chase the Cheddar is a slot that' worth playing. Learn about the exciting features this game offers before you judge it. We have come to love the platform and we'll explain why below. Get all the details before you begin playing here.

Start with a Low or High Wager

There is no way to turn on or off paylines, but there are many different wagers you can set still. You have 1024 ways to win per spin, and the minimum wager is $0.20 per spin while the max is $300 per spin. When you have a massive range of bets to use, it's easier to set an amount that you're okay with.

A Large Maximum Win

The greatest win you can get while playing this game is 400x your entire wager amount. That's a huge win if you're wagering the maximum amount while you play this game. If you're searching for a life-changing prize payout this slot may have it if you're willing to play with a large enough wager in place at all times.

Move Through the Stages of Mouse-Free Spins

There are different mouse-free spin bonus stages. Whenever mouse symbols land on the reel you get a bump on the meter. When you pass the stage of the meter you'll unlock the bonus round with extra free spins. You can have between 3 and 9 free spins during the bonus and it's simple to unlock this feature. You'll play this bonus many times while in this slot.

Win With the Mouse and Cheese Feature

Whenever you have a cheese symbol it has an instant win prize on it. This amount isn't won unless you get a mouse symbol at the same time. Get both symbols and you'll trigger an instant payout from the slot that allows you to win more.

Try to Win the Mini Jackpot

The Mini Jackpot triggers randomly as you play this game and it's worth thousands. Spend enough time on the site and you are more likely to unlock this powerful jackpot.

Try this Game First

While we love this slot there is no guarantee that you will. If you do not enjoy a slot, or you aren't sure, demo it for free before using money. Get a feel for the mouse game and then change to playing using real money. When you do that you get the full experience for the game without risking any money. It's easy to begin playing like this once you have a free casino membership. Register for an account and begin testing games like this one.

Chase the Cheddar is a fun game about a mouse trying to get cheese. You must outsmart the cat while you play and use one of the many bonuses to make off with some good-sized prizes. The game is a slot you'll want to use, which is why you must take your time and learn every aspect of it.