Look Out for Cupid’s Arrow and Seek Some Prizes!

Everyone knows about Cupid, and you can expect to see him in this loved-up game that is great fun to play. Wager Gaming Tech has come up with a winner here, using a very pink screen to display all kinds of relevant symbols and enticing you to try and win the jackpot of 10,000 coins.

What can you expect from the game's reels and paylines?

There's nothing new from this part of the game, as it offers five reels and 20 lines weaving across them from left to right.

Can you make good bets on the game?

You can, as it offers you eight different coin values to choose from. Start with as little as just one cent per coin, and move up through the values to the $10 maximum. This makes the top bet $20 with the maximum of one coin per line.

Does Cupid's Arrow have special symbols?

Oh yes, and the wild is played by Cupid - very appropriate, we'd say! He will also double the value of a prize if he forms a winning line with the help of other matching symbols. Additionally, you might spot a gift box on the reels, and since this is the scatter, it can appear anywhere and grant you a prize for two or more.

Can you play a bonus round?

Yes, there is a bonus level included in this game, and we think it's a good one! you will be presented with a pyramid of gift boxes and you have to choose one from the eight that appear on the bottom row. Try and open one with a red heart in it, because this will win you a prize that is clearly displayed over the top of that box.

If you pick one of those, you move on to the next line. But if you click on a box that reveals a broken heart at any point, the bonus round is over and you will take away the prizes you've accumulated up until that point.

Download and play Cupid's Arrow slots today!

When you have a game this good, you will want to play it more than once. We think this could be among your favorites once you have tried it a few times, especially if you manage to trigger the bonus round. How high up the pyramid of gift boxes will you go when you play Cupid's Arrow?