Featured Games

Have you ever noticed that lots of online casinos have different sections in which they put their games? You might have seen there are featured games among them too – games that are chosen by the team behind the casino that are of great interest for one reason or another.

We think these are among the best games to try right now. But why should you play them?

These are the games other players are enjoying

Featured games often include the ones lots of other players are currently enjoying. This could be for lots of reasons. Maybe they are known for having a large progressive jackpot, or one that hasn’t been won for a long time and has grown to an impressive size. Maybe they are known as entertaining games, or ones that have unusual features. Whatever the reason, they are well worth looking at.

They are popular for good reason

All the games in this section are popular, but there are good reasons why that is the case. For instance, aside from progressive jackpots, there could be some interesting features or bonuses within the game. Slots tend to be included in the featured section because there is a higher chance they will include more unusual features. Some elements catch on more readily with players, so you never know what you will discover there.

Some might be new games people are discovering

While you will typically find another section that includes all the new games around today, the featured section might include some of the most popular new games to be released. This might include a long-awaited sequel to a popular slot for example, or maybe one that has an interesting bonus no one has seen before. You just never know what might pop up there – and that is half the excitement. With lots of great features to enjoy in these games, the newest titles that are catching on big time are going to pop up in the featured section.

That’s one of the best things about playing games that appear in the featured collection at any online casino, including Lincoln Casino. When you look through that collection, you can be sure you will find something interesting to try. You just never know what is there or how good it will be to play. So, make sure you visit more often to see what you might uncover.