Farming Futures vs Lucky 7s

Will you look to the future to play a seven-reel slot game, or hope your luck holds out with those sevens?

Well, some luck is always a good thing, but if you want to try your luck with not one, but two, seven-reel slots, we’ve got two right here for you. Which of these games will you prefer?

Farming Futures

With seven reels packed with lots of farm-related symbols, you’ll be going to the farmyard for Farming Futures! You won’t get seven paylines though, because there are just a few more than that – nine of them in all.

The creators of the game, WGS, have decided to keep this game as easy and streamlined as possible. That means you’ve got the task of trying to line up seven matching icons to get the biggest possible win on a line. How close will you get to that magic lucky number, and what will you win if you do manage to achieve it?

Lucky 7s

The number seven is relevant here already, because we know the Lucky 7's slots game has seven reels. But it also comes into play in other ways – firstly, because it has seven paylines as well, and secondly, because there are sevens in some of the icons used in the game. It just falls one short on icons, because there are six and not seven!

This is the ideal game to play if you like nothing better than simple, stripped-back games to play. There are no complex rules or bonus elements, so you don’t have wilds or scatters to be concerned about. You can win for up to seven matching symbols on a line, though.

Our verdict: Which game do we prefer?

We don’t find it very easy to choose between these two, because they’re very similar in several ways. If you like more paylines, Farming Futures is the best one to go for. Other than that, they’re both set up to be basic and easy to follow. That makes them ideal for newbies and for those who want more reels to spin.

It all depends on whether you like classic or themed symbols. So, try them both and let us know which one works best for you. Whichever your favorite game is, we hope you manage to secure some great prizes spinning all seven of those reels. Let’s hope you get lucky doing just that!