Farming Futures Slots

Possibly – and once you read more about it in our review, you will see why we’ve said that. This game is very different from many others, and it has been designed to raise the eyebrows of anyone who tries it. Are you ready for some major surprises in the Farming Futures slot?

Reels and paylines

How would you like to play a slot with seven reels? You’d expect loads of paylines on that many reels, but another surprise comes your way when you see there are just nine of them.

Available wagers for Farming Futures

Choose one of eight coins here to select your bet for each spin. Start on one cent per coin, or ramp things up to hit the maximum $10 coin.

Farming Futures special icons

Now, if you are expecting a wild, you will be disappointed, because there isn’t one. WGS Technology, the developer of the game, hasn’t worried about popping a scatter into play either.

So, what makes this game so good to play? Well, you can win prizes in more ways in this ‘any way pays’ game. And with seven reels in action, you do get some good chances to scoop prizes, even without the help of a wild. They’ve thrown in a skill-stop button as well, so you can choose when you want the reels to stop. Otherwise, you can wait for them to stop as they normally would.

Is there a bonus feature?

No, and that was the biggest surprise here. For a game that boasts seven reels, it is surprisingly short on special features. There are none at all, and no wild or scatter to perk things up either.

Get ready to download and enjoy playing the Farming Futures slot game today!

Farming Futures is certainly unlike anything else you might have seen or experienced. With so many formulaic slot games around today, this one does not fit that mold. However, with a lack of special features, it won’t appeal to everyone. If you want to give it a try, we would recommend taking it for a spin for a few tries to see if you enjoy it. It will appeal to some, that’s for sure, but will you be among them? It might depend on how lucky you get lining up winning combinations that will bring you prizes, and only time will tell whether that happens.