Lucky 7's Slots

Sometimes when you load up a slot game, the screen that greets you comes as something of a surprise. We thought that about Lucky 7s from WGS, and we think you might have the same reaction.

Why? Well, it is not the most complex-looking game of all those you will have seen. There are no 3D graphics here. But it does use a surprising layout, so read on if you want to find out more about it.

Reels and paylines

This game uses a very unusual format in providing players with seven reels and seven paylines. How many other games have you played that follow that?

Available wagers for Lucky 7s

You can play one coin per line on this game, and each one will be worth between a cent and $10, depending on your available budget.

Lucky 7s special icons

There are six icons involved in the Lucky 7s slot game, and as you might guess from the title, the number seven is used in several of those. In fact, it makes an appearance in four out of the six in use, although none of them are special in any way. This slot does not use a wild icon or a scatter, which is surprising, especially since the slot has seven reels. It seems to indicate the slot is based around the number seven rather than making good use of all those reels in any other way.

Is there a bonus feature?

No, and we were surprised at this, too. The best you can hope for is to make the most of the chance to win prizes for more than five icons on a line. Since you have seven reels to work with here, you can try finding up to seven on a payline. If you manage that, there are bigger prizes available.

However, even then, the prizes aren’t as big as they are in some other slot games. The biggest is granted for seven Lucky 7s logos, and amounts to 2,500 coins.

Get ready to download and enjoy playing the Lucky 7s slot game today!

Lovers of classic slot games will probably enjoy this, as it is a bigger and better version of that sort of game. However, if you prefer games with wilds, scatters, and many bonus features, you may end up going elsewhere after trying this game.