Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Fruit Loot Slot Wild X is a newer online slot game by WGS that offers players the look and feel of a classic slot game while infusing some modern features in as well. With powerful multiplier wilds, a good selection of prize paying bonus options and excellent wagering flexibility there is a little bit of something for everyone that wants to test out this slot game.

Made by a Leading Developer

This slot game was made by Wager Gaming Technology or WGS, one of the leading online software developers for the casino industry today. The company has been around for many years, but is still smaller in size compared to the giants like Microgaming and NetEnt. Even with its smaller size, WGS has a lot to offer gamblers looking for a good slot experience.

Demoing the Game

Players that aren’t sure about Fruit Loot can test out the game without risking their money to do so. The slot offers a full-featured demo mode that’s simple to open up and to use. Simply visit a casino that offers WGS games, select Fruit Loot Slot Wild X and play the game in Demo mode. Do that and the slot will open up and give you access to all the standard features of the game, letting you get comfortable with the slot game.

An Old School Slot Theme

Fruit Loop has an old-school slot theme complete with 7’s, Bar Symbols, Fruit and more, but it throws in some modern features that help to bring it to the current day and age. While playing this slot you’re likely to experience a hint of nostalgia, but there are some exciting features to keep you spinning with anticipation.

A Simple Design

Made with simplicity in mind this no-frills slot doesn’t give you too many options to worry about when playing through rounds. Other than adjusting a few different wagering settings, playing is as simple as spinning the reels and hoping for a decent prize payout. There are few features, and the game is easy to understand.

A Classic Bonus Slot

Fruit Loot Slot Wild X is a classic slot game with simple features and a basic setup, but it does have a few bonus features that make it slightly more complicated and exciting to experience. There is a free spin round, multiplier wilds and

Just Five Paylines

With only five different paylines to win on prize payouts are less common than on slots with many more paylines to work with. Wagers don’t have to be as large to win though.

Decent Wagering Options

Players that decide to give Fruit Loot Slot a try will be impressed by the range of gambling options they have available. This is largely because the credits go from $0.01 to $10.00 in value. Not only that, but you can bet between 1 and 3 coins on each of the 5 different lines. That means that wagers of a maximum of $150.00 in value are possible while playing the slot, giving gamblers an excellent range to work with when placing down a bet.

Looking over the Paytable

Fruit Loop Slot Wild X has some decent pay opportunities available on the pay table. There are scatter symbols in the form of cherries, as well as a bunch of different classic slot symbols like BAR symbols, fruits and 7’s. On top of all those different winning combinations there are 3X wilds that multiply with one another, and there is a special free spin bonus symbol to watch out for. Between all those different symbols there are a lot of ways to win.

No Bonus Round

There is no bonus round in this slot game but there is a special free spin bonus round. If you get enough of the free spin symbols you can win big in the free spin round of this slot game.

3X Free Spins

To keep with the theme of this slot game getting three of the free spin symbols will reward you with a total of 10 free spins. During the free spin bonus rounds any wins that you get are tripled in size, leading to some large and exciting prize payouts as a result. The Free Games feature triggers more than you might think and it results in nice-sized payouts frequently as well.

We Aren’t Sure about the RTP

While we aren’t sure what the RTP is for this WGS title, it’s likely between 96% and 97% as it is with most of the other WGS slots. That gives you good odds of winning decent prize payouts and it’s just one of the other reasons to keep playing this online slot game.

Slot Review Rating

We give this slot game a 3.7 out of 5.0. It offers some decent prize payouts and is set up nicely as a classic slot game, but it’s lacking in features a bit. While we enjoyed the 3X multiplier wilds and the free spin bonus rounds, there could be more to look forward to from this slot game outside of those two different bonuses, and there really isn’t.

Small But Frequent Wins

If you’re the type of slot player that wants to win tens of thousands of dollars on a single spin, you’ll be disappointed with this game. The best win that you can get during the standard rounds of the slot is $3,000 and the highest payout during the free spin round is $9,000. That’s decent for a classic slot style game, but low compared to many other slots available today. With that said, this slot pays prizes out frequently, making it a good option for gamblers that like to win prize payouts regularly.

Fun Money Play

Fun money play is supported on this classic slot game, giving players the chance to wager without spending any real money in the process. To do this, gamblers must visit a casino that offers the slot and click on it to load it up. There are no other steps that must be taken and the slot can be tested without going through a registration process first.

Real Money Wagering Excitement

Though free play is supported, the real excitement comes from real money gameplay. Gamblers are free to wager using real money during their time playing the slot game. To do this they must join the casino, register and complete a deposit into their account. After doing all of those different things they’ll be ready to start playing for real money.

Good Solid Mobile Support

While this Flash-based slot game wasn’t carefully designed specifically with mobile devices in mind, as long as you have a mobile that will run Flash games in the web browser, this slot should work well on it. The slot is functional on smartphones and tablets, but the better experience is with tablet devices because the buttons will be larger. Either way, it’s possible to play this slot while on the go.

Fruit Loot offers gamblers enough features to make playing the game worthwhile. It’s a fun experience and offers classic-slot gamblers a more exciting experience than they may be used to. If you’re looking for a classic slot game with some added features, this is the one for you.