Panda Playtime Slots

Panda Playtime is a slot game produced by Dragon Gaming that gives you a look at some cute animals and nice scenery but has standard features. We love some things about the game and don’t like others, so keep reading to find out if this game is the right option for you.

A Relaxing Panda Slot

This fixed slot game features swaying bamboo and a selection of different animals and plants from China. The game is adorable to look at and is nicely animated, but it doesn’t have that unique of a theme. If you want something different, this game probably isn’t it.

Pattern Win System

There aren’t any paylines in this slot, and instead, wins are achieved by getting cluster patterns of symbols. You can get up to 30 symbols in a single cluster, which rewards you with the largest possible payouts. Prizes aren’t huge in this game, but you can win up to 10,000 coins in a single spin thanks to this cluster system for some decent wins.

Acceptable Wagering Options

This game gives gamblers an okay range of wager amounts to set, with a low of $0.10 and a high of $100.00. The only real downside to wagering in this slot is that you’re limited in the wager amount options between the high and the low. With only a handful of different options, you may not find the perfect amount for you.

Try it Free

It’s possible to try this game for free before you commit to spending any money on it. That makes it simple for you to get to know the game, and then you can choose to start wagering using your casino balance.

Easily Wager Real Money

When you’re comfortable with this slot game, you can swap to playing with your casino balance in mere moments. Make the switch and start playing the game with your money for a chance to win. Just take care to choose a wager amount you’re comfortable with.

Easy Free Games

It’s simple to trigger free games in this slot; you only need three or more of the Free Spins symbols. Get them, and you’ll get between nine and twelve free spins. During the round, you’ll see fewer low-value symbols and have a chance to win bigger prizes than normal.

An Okay Return

With an expected return of around 95.5%, this game is a decent value for gamblers looking for something to play. It’s possible to get much of your money back as you play, and most games average around 96%, which means you are getting around the average value of a slot when you play this.

Overall, Panda Playtime is a decent game, but it isn’t perfect. The slot lacks wagering options, and it doesn’t offer huge prizes. There are also few bonus features to take advantage of. Still, the slot is worth playing for many.