Sunken Ships Slots

Although three reel slot are defined as classic types of online slots, they don't have to have the same themes and symbols on the reels. Sunken Ship Slots is a great example of this as you won't find any cherries or fruit, but you will find some bars, sevens and some nautical images.

From WGS Technology, this is a simple, basic yet fun slot game to play. It features symbols on all displayed lines of the reels, and it also offers four paylines instead of the more traditional single payline.

Wagering on Treasure

As can be imagined, this is an excellent game for either new or experienced online slot players. With more than just one payline, it is interesting and there are more winning possibilities with each spin.

To set your wager, you simply choose a bet amount from one dime to ten dollars, and then choose a number coins from one to four, as well as how many lines you wish to play. The largest wager possible is $40.00, and the smallest is a dime.

Playing the Game

There are no special wilds, scatters or multipliers with Sunken Ship Slots, but it is still a lot of fun to play. You will want to see patterns of the symbols appear on the reels as you see on the paytable to the right-hand side of the reels.

The symbols you will see include 7s, anchors and the single, and double bars as well as the treasure chest. The treasure chest pays out the highest on the horizontal payline, with four coins winning the maximum value on that payline.

The other options are to see a full x-shape on the reels made out of anchors or sevens or see one diagonal line of either. These all pay out differently based on the pattern displayed.

Bonus Game

With any winning spin, you have the option with Sunken Ship Slots to play the bonus game. This is just like War, where the game turns over a card and you turn over a card, with the highest card being the winner.

If the two tie, the software will then do the three card deal and turn over the next card. This can be an additional fun twist to the slot, and one that makes Sunken Ship Slots popular for a lot of online players of all levels.