Pay Dirt Slots

PayDirt! is an interesting online slot game themed after gold mining. As you might expect the whole point of the game is to prospect for gold and to win as much money as you possibly can in the process. The slot itself looks pretty nice, but we were more interested in the special features of the game than we were the looks. After our full playthrough we weren’t disappointed! Read on through our review to find out what sort of features you can expect from this slot game and you might realize that it’s a game you want to try out more.

Acceptable Betting Options

The first thing that we look at when testing out any slot game is the betting options that are available. After all, we don’t want to play a slot that is too cheap or too expensive for us to really enjoy the experience. Fortunately, Paydirt! gives a good solid betting range to work with. You are free to wager as little as $0.01 if you want to make a couple dollars last for hours. You can also wager as much as $125.00 per spin if you have a lot of money to burn and you want to go for the biggest prize payouts while playing this slot. Either way, you have options to work with and we were able to pick out a wager we were very comfortable with while playing this 25 payline slot game.

A Powerful Gold Nugget Wild

Since this slot game is all about prospecting for gold, it only makes sense that the golden nugget is such a valuable symbol. This powerful wild appears on the 2nd and 4th reels as you play. It will take the place of any other symbol besides for the scatter sign symbol. Not only that, but when this wild is involved with a payout it will triple its value, making way for some truly massive prize payouts during the basic rounds of the slot.

Enormous Prize Potential

There are some very valuable symols in PayDirt! for you to take advantage of. Even without help from the golden nugget symbol you can get 10,000 coins from the mine shaft symbol, 2,500 coins from the prospector and 1,000 coins from the bandit. With the nugget those prize values go up to 30,000 , 7,500 and 3,000 coins respectively. That’s a whole lot of cash on the line and it means you can win huge prize payouts. You could win as much as $150,000 during the standard rounds of this slot thanks to that feature, and that doesn’t even consider the potential of the scatter symbol.

A Useful Scatter

The scatter symbol in this slot game can help you unlock a prize payout up to 200 times your total wager amount. Since the maximum wager you can place is $125.00, that means you could win as much as $250,000 from this bonus feature if you have the top wager put in place and you can get all five of the scatter symbols. That’s not all though, getting three or more scatter symbols gives you a chance to unlock one of three different special features where you can win even more money.

Three Special Features

In PayDirt! there are three different special features for you to unlock and play with as you are gambling. Each offers a different way for you to win exciting prizes. After getting three scatter symbols you pick behind one of the signs to unlock Gold Rush!, Strike it Lucky! Or Gold Fever!. Gold Rush! Is the first special feature and it gives you 12 free games with grouped gold nuggets. The grouped nuggets give you a better chance to unlock those powerful triple payouts, and if you can get three or more sign symbols while you are playing you’ll unlock an additional 12 free spins for the game.

Gold Fever! is the next bonus game and will give you just 5 free spins. During this game reel 3 is covered completely with Gold Nuggets giving you excellent odds of triggering a massive prize payout. Not only that, but if you can get three sign symbols you’ll add an additional 5 free spins to keep the fun going for even longer.

Strike it Lucky! Is the final bonus game is it gives you 5 different gold mines to pick from. Choose the mine that you want and you’ll unlock a bonus symbol. You might get the chance to unlock additional bonus symbols for the free spin round to come ahead, or you might move on straight to the bonus free spins after your initial pick. Choose the mine you like and get your bonus symbol, or symbols, and you’ll start your 10 free spins. During each of those spins that bonus symbol will transform into golden nuggets, giving you an added chance to unlock some solid bonus prize payouts from the slot.

Turbo Play

As a gambler on PayDirt! you have the option to speed pu the gameplay if you don’t want to wait around for the reel spins. There’s a special Turbo Play option you can access in the Autoplay menu. This feature makes the reels spin around much faster so you can go through more than a dozen spins in a minute. If you are in a hurry to go through lots of spins, you’ll enjoy this feature and how much it can speed up your gameplay.

A Huge Jackpot Payout

No matter what sort of bet you’re placing down in the slot game Paydirt!, you have a big opportunity to come away with the Random Jackpot when you play. This jackpot is usually worth several thousands of dollars and it gives you something to look forward to even when you aren’t getting other winning combinations while paying. The jackpot can trigger at any time that you spin the reels and there is no way to predict when it’s coming. After any spin you could trigger this progressive jackpot, and the longer it takes you to win it the more valuable it will become. It’s increasing in value every second until someone finally walks away with the prize payout!

An Advanced Autoplay Feature

Autoplay is a key feature in many online slots today and it allows you to get the game to spin the reels without you having to press any button at all. We prefer the slots like PayDirt! with lots of options for you to pick through when using the feature. You can choose the number of spins that you want, as well as any conditions that will turn the Autoplay feature off. Get everything set up and ready to go and you can let the slot take over. It will immediately get spinning and you can stick around and watch or you can even walk away while it plays!

PayDirt! is a feature rich slot game with very lucrative prize payouts to try for. It’s jam-packed with special features, it looks nice and it just gives you a lot to look forward to if you want to play a solid slot game. Give it a try for yourself if you like the theme or you juts want a high-paying slot game. If you can afford to make a larger wager while playing this game, you can come away with truly massive prize payouts.