Gold Rush Slots

Gold Rush is a classic slot game that looks pretty bland at first glance. It’s themed after mining for gold and has symbols that you would expect for that theme. There’s a pickaxe and a gold nugget symbol. This classic slot has three reels and a pretty basic pay table. It doesn’t have a whole lot in terms of features, but it does offer some good solid prize payouts. We found this slot to be relaxing when we tested it out, but it’s certainly not going to appeal to everyone. Find out why that is down below.


You have a really good betting range in Gold Rush, which is something that impressed us about the classic slot game. Even though there’s just a single payline in Gold Rush, you can still wager nearly $100 with the right setup, and you can go much lower than that if you don’t have money to burn. At the low end you are free to bet as little as $0.10 per spin. AT the high end you can go all the way up to $75 per spin with $25.00 for each of the three coins placed on the single line. The bigger you bet the more money you can win from the slot game, which is exactly why it makes sense to wager as much as possible.

Decent Jackpot

You aren’t going to get insanely rich by playing this slot game, but you can win a decent amount if you get lucky enough and you wager a high enough amount. The maximum win that you can get from this classic slot is 1,600 coins. That’s worth up to $40,000 if you wager the highest amount that you possibly can while playing. That’s not a monstrous prize payout, but it’s still enough to get excited about and will help you enhance your bankroll. If you are wagering a smaller amount while playing you will get a much smaller payout, and this also goes for betting with a smaller number of coins than the maximum of three.

Basic Symbols

You won’t find any crazy symbols in this slot game, and it looks pretty simple overall. There are gold nuggets, pickaxes, 7’s, cherries and BAR symbols. Each of the symbols are basic looking and designed not to stand out too much. When you look at this slot game you should see a pretty basic game, which is okay by us. If you want something impressive to look at as you play, you’re going to be disappointed with Gold Rush.

Simple Gameplay

Classic slots are supposed to be simple and relaxing, and that’s exactly what you get from Gold Rush. This slot game doesn’t pack in any special features at all. What that means is that you can just spin the reels and try to get the prize combinations that show up on the paylines. That’s all there is to the slot game, and that’s why so many classic slot enthusiasts enjoy the slot. Even though the game is very simple, it still offers prizes that are rewarding and exciting, and that’s why it’s a popular slot with serious gamblers that want to win big but want to do so in a relaxed manner.

Gold Rush is a simple and plain online slot game and the perfect example of a good all-around classic slot. It doesn’t cram in special features that make it more complicated. It doesn’t go for crazy graphics that make it stand out. Instead, the slot game just focuses on good solid gameplay, decent prizes and fun-filled gambling. It’s a good mix and something that many gamblers will enjoy, provided that they want a simple experience.