Winning Waves Slots

Head outdoors and catch some rays at the sunny beach with Winning Waves, the online slot game that’s all about relaxing and having a good time in the sun. The slot is simple at first glance, but it’s put together very nicely. We were drawn in by the bright and colorful design of this slot, and it’s simple symbols didn’t take away from it’s stylish appearance one bit while reviewing this online slot game. It’s a classic slot with just three reels, and from start to finish we found plenty of reasons to like this slot game.


With five paylines, this classic slot game gives you a few different wagers to work with as you play. You can easily wager between $0.05 and $50.00 per spin by turning your line bet up or down to the desired level. You can wager as little as $0.01 per line and as much as $10.00 per line to make up your total wager amount. The more you wager, the more you can win from the slot game in the end.

Winning Big with Sunshine

You can’t have a good beach trip without plenty of sunshine, and that’s the symbol that you’ll be paying most attention to while you play Winning Waves. That’s because all the biggest wins that you can get form the game come from that one symbol. That’s right, if you manage to get sunshine symbols on the paylines, you’re going to win big.

The sunshine symbol is worth between 500 and 3,500 coins depending on what configuration you get it in. There are five different paylines in this slot game, and the sunshine symbols are worth different amounts depending on the line that they show up on. If you can get the symbol on the fourth payline, it’s worth 3,500 coins. If you get it on the first payline in the center, it’s worth just 600 coins. The other three lines are all worth 2,500 coins. As long as you manage to get three sunshine symbols and they aren’t on the central line, you will get at least 2,500 in coins from this slot game. With a maximum wager three sun symbols are worth between $6,000 and $35,000 depending on the payline that they show up. That’s a whole lot of cash for any gambler.

Simple Gameplay

Even though Winning Waves uses multiple paylines, something most classic slots don’t do, the game is very simple and easy to understand. All the different prize combinations are displayed on the paytable to the right of the reels, and you will know why you win each amount of money that you win as you play through round after round of this slot game. It’s something that most gamblers will be comfortable with, and it’s a good game to start out with if you are newer to slot games.

Win Regularly With BAR Symbols

There are three different BAR symbols in Winning Waves, and they can work together to create regular prize payouts to keep money coming in for you. You can get any combination of three BAR symbols to get a payout worth 5x your coin value. These wins come in regularly and make the BAR symbols one of the best for maintaining your balance as you play this slot game.

Winning Waves is bright and colorful and a classic slot game in the true sense of the word. It doesn’t cram in special features and keeps things very simple. Sure it has more than one payline, but other than that the slot game is just the same as all the other very basic classic slots that you’ll find today.