Pinata Fiesta Slots

Enjoy a spectacular celebration as you try to win magnificent prize payouts with the slot game Pinata Fiesta. We were taken by the look and feel of the popular slot game the first time that we saw it and knew that we needed to review the Mexican themed classic slot. This game has just three reels and a single payline, but it still manages to keep things interesting and gives players more than the standard features that most classic slots are known for.

Powerful Multiplier Wilds

The first cool feature that stood out to use while playing Pinata Fiesta was the wild symbols. Sombreros serve as wilds in the slot game and they will complete payouts when all but the bonus symbol is involved. The wilds result in many paying symbol combinations as you play this online slot game time and time again, and they mean that you can count on frequent payouts. The wilds are more than just tools to help you complete prize payouts though, they also help you magnify those payouts. A single wild will double a prize that it helps create. Two wilds multiply your payout by 4x. Three wilds lead to the grand jackpot of 2,400 coins, which is worth as much as $24,000 if you’re wagering the maximum amount of $10.00 per coin.

Colorful and Fun

While many classic slot games rely on the same symbols and general theme as one another, that’s not the case with Pinata Fiesta. This slot game has unique symbols and a bright color scheme and vibrancy that separates it from most other classic slot games. It’s more exciting and a whole lot more fun as well. If you want a slot game that stands out, Pinata Fiesta is a good bet among the many different classic slot games. Not only does it look cool, but it packs in features like wilds and bonus rounds that most other wilds just don’t have.

The Bonus Round

If you are wagering the maximum amount of coins while you play this slot game you can trigger the bonus round by turning over one bonus symbol. The bonus round has you select a symbol to unlock a random prize payout. Choose the best symbol for the biggest payout. The round is very simple to play through and doesn’t involve much strategy, but it still offers a change of pace and gives you something different to worry about as you play the slot game.

Gambling with Autplay

Another thing that we really enjoyed about Pinata Fiesta is the autoplay feature that it offers. This feature makes it possible to set the number of spins that you want the game to go through, and it will take care of all of them for you. This gives you more time that you can spend doing something else. You can go through hundreds of spins with this tool, and can easily set it just the way that you want for best results.

Different Wagering Options

Pinata Fiesta has just one payline, but gives you some wagering options to work with anyway. The slot game can have between one and three coins on that single payline. The coins can be set to a low value of $0.01 and a high value of $10.00 depending on how much money you have available. Choose an amount that you are comfortable with and then start playing the slot game from there. Since all the prizes scale the same, the only real reason to go for a three coin wager when playing this game is to have a chance to unlock the special bonus feature.

Pinata Fiesta is a nice online slot game with a whole lot of life in it. If you want a classic slot game that’s more exciting than your standard everyday slot, Pinata Fiesta is a good pick. Otherwise it is likely too exciting or maybe even too difficult without having tried out some other slot games first. Give it a try and see for yourself.