Super Market Slots

Most people don’t look forward to heading to the super market to do a bit of grocery shopping. You might feel differently after playing Super Market, the online slot game themed after that very task. This slot game features a range of items that you would find at most super markets, and it has a pretty mundane look for such an exciting slot. You’ll find coupons, shopping carts, cash registers, food items and much more in this slot game as you play it. We were surprised at everything this slot has to offer, which is why we’re showing off this review for everyone to read through. Give it a read and learn what this slot has to offer and what it lacks.

Super Market Betting

At the start of a session with Super Market you’re going to want to place a wager carefully. You can wager high or low depending on what you are comfortable with. There are 20 coins that are n play, and you can set the coins at a low of $0.01 or a high of $10.00. Depending on what value you assign the coins, you can wager $0.20 to $200. Choose a bet that you can afford, but that’s going to pay out nicely enough for you to be interested in playing.

Cash Register Wilds

The cash register is our favorite symbol in this slot game because it is the most valuable. Get five of these beauties and you’ll unlock the top jackpot. Even if you don’t get enough wilds to trigger the jackpot, the cash register symbols can help you complete other prize winning combinations and walk away with some huge wins. It’s possible to get as much as $100,000 with help from this symbol, which is darned exciting if you ask us. We loved anytime that this symbol showed up and got many big wins with help from it.

Coupon Free spins

The coupon symbol is the scatter in this super market themed slot game. With three or more scatters you’ll get an instant payout from the slot, and you’ll trigger the free spin bonus round. During the round you get a total of 10 free spins where you can unlock prizes without having to pay any money to spin the reels. During these rounds you’ll also enjoy double payouts on any wins that you do manage to trigger. You’ll win bigger and better prizes during these rounds, and you could end up taking a low paying slot session and turning it into a big time winner with help from this bonus round. Our session was made much better with help from this free spin bonus. The coupon symbol will pay up to 50x your total wager amount, which could be worth up to $10,000 with a maximum wager in place.

Shopping Cart Quick Pick Bonus

Three or more shopping cart symbols get you to a quick pick bonus round. These symbols have no value other than triggering this bonus round, so you’ll always want to see them in groups of three or more. When you get enough of these symbols the bonus round starts up and you pick one of the options to uncover a prize. You get the standard prize with three of these symbols. You get a double payout with four, and you get a 4x payout with five of these symbols.

Super Market is a pretty unique slot game because of its theme, but that’s not what makes it special. All the different bonus features are the reason that you’ll want to play this slot game. If you want to win big you can do so with one of the many special features of this slot, and you’ll always have something to look forward to as you play.