Coral Reef Slots

Coral Reef is a beautiful classic slot game that focuses on underwater ocean life. You’ll feel as if you are under the ocean just by looking at the background of this slot game as you get started. That coupled with the seashells and other nice looking symbols should help you feel comfortable with this slot game.

Bet Big or Bet Small

When you play Coral Reef you can bet a big amount or a low amount. The wager that you make directly determines what sort of prize payouts you can get from the game. When you bet big you have access to high payout prizes. When you bet small, you will save cash but get smaller prize payouts. There is a single payline and you can bet up to four coins on that line when you play. If you bet the maximum number of coins you can win up to 2,000 coins in the jackpot. If you bet less, you will win less while playing. The maximum you can wager is $40 over 4 coins, and the lowest you can wager is $0.01 on a single coin.

Winning Big

It’s possible to win up to 2,000 coins on a single spin in this slot. That isn’t a huge payout, but could be worth as much as 20,000 coins with the biggest wager. This payout is from getting the special logo symbol while you have the maximum number of coins wagered. It’s not easy to unlock this top prize payout, but it’s certainly possible to do and you don’t need special features in order to unlock the win either.

Lots of Winning Combinations

There are many different symbols that can all result in prize payouts in Coral Reef. With so many different symbols active at the same time, it’s more difficult to get paying symbol combinations as you spin the reels. When you do get symbols that match up you are rewarded for it heavily though, making it worthwhile to play this slot again and again hoping for a decent win.

No Special Features

Forget about wilds, scatters, bonus rounds and all those other special features. Coral Reef is all about standard gameplay and a good solid slot experience. You have lots of symbols to keep track of, but they all work normally. As long as you can read the paytable, you should have no trouble figuring out what sort of prize payouts you’re going to get from the slot game.

Stylish Slots

Coral Reef is a nice looking online slot game that stands out from the other classic slots. The symbols are bright and colorful and fun and nice to look at. The backdrop of the slot looks like a beautiful underwater scene and you’ll find your eyes being drawn to the backdrop again and again as you play. This slot is breathtaking to look at, and it’s relaxing as well, making it a good option for players that want to take things slow and have a good time.

Using Autoplay

AutoPlay is the tool for gamblers that want to keep going when they don’t have time to do so, or when they don’t feel like pressing spin again and again. The feature will turn the reels without you having to press anything at all after you get the spins going. It’s possible to do up to 500 spins with the feature without stopping, making it easy for you to go through an extended play session. You can even play the slot game while you sleep with the right settings in place.

Coral Reef is an excellent slot game that’s well worth playing if you’re interested in a high quality classic slot that looks nice. It has no special features, and is simple to learn. All the different paying symbols will give you something to look for as you play the slot, but it won’t make things too confusing either.