Coupon Codes

You may have encountered coupon codes online before. They are similar in nature to coupons you use for grocery shopping. Instead of getting discounts off your groceries, however, you can get great deals when you use these codes at online casinos.

It is important to remember coupon codes are typically unique to individual casinos. The only exception might be in cases where two or more casinos are run by the same company. Even then, it is likely each one will use different codes.

These coupon codes can be used to claim a special deal

A code might allow you to claim a bonus when you make a deposit. If so, it means you can make more of your money. You might deposit $50 with a COUPON100 code for example (not a real code), and you will get a 100% bonus on the $50 you just deposited. That would mean you now had $100 to play with.

They grant access to free spins, match bonuses, and much more

We’ve mentioned match bonuses already, but you never know what else you could get with coupon codes. It all depends on the site offering them. For instance, you might be able to claim some free spins with a code. These might be spins on a new slot game, or on a game that has some seasonal appeal.

Many online casinos offer time-limited coupon codes too

You should also be alert to the possibility of coming across some time-limited coupon codes. As the name suggests, these are codes that are only valid for a set period. If you type one into the box given to claim it and it appears as invalid, you know the time is up. Time-limited codes often have long claim windows though. The exception would be for deals that are relevant to annual events or occasions.

If you join Lincoln Online Casino, your best bet is to visit the promotions section whenever you visit the site. This enables you to check whether there are any new coupon codes available. If so, you can read more about them and see whether they hold any appeal for you. You may find there are some good deals to be had if you make a fresh deposit. Always read the terms and conditions so you know how the deal works. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go and to use whichever coupon codes you have found.

40 Free Spins on Cleopatra's Pyramid II
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100% up to $100
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100% + 50 Spins on Forest Frenzy
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Max Amount: $100
Slots Game: Forest Frenzy Slots
$10.00 Free to play The American Diner
Bonus Code: LLDINER10
Max Amount: $10
Slots Game: The American Diner Slots
100% Match on Chase the Turkey
Bonus Code: LLCHASE100
Bonus Percent: 100%
Max Amount: $200
Min Deposit: $25
Slots Game: Chase the Turkey Slots
$10.00 Free to play Chase the Turkey
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