Fortune Frog Slots

Fortune Frog is a newer slot game from Dragon Gaming. This modern slot has cool graphics and just the basic features you would expect from a classic slot. This Asian-inspired slot stands out for its looks and some of its features, but it’s the easy-going classic that you might be looking for. Learn more in this short review below.

A Classic Slot Game

Fortune Frog is one of the few classic slot games we’ve tested from Dragon Gaming. This slot has a single payline and only a handful of different winning combinations you can achieve. It’s simple to play for these reasons, and we can appreciate how the handful of features it offers keeps things interesting.

Asian Golden Fog Theme

This slot game has a very prominent frog theme that has you looking at golden frogs and pots of gold each time you spin. This Asian-inspired slot game has an attractive appearance, and it’s excellent for frog lovers as well.

One Payline with Impressive Wagering

Even though this game only has a single payline, you can access impressive wagering options to work with. It’s possible to bet as little as $0.01 per spin, but you can also wager as much as $100.00 per spin, depending on your choice. One set of arrows controls your wager value, giving you access to the value that you’re interested in.

Advanced Autoplay Settings

This slot has advanced autoplay settings that allow you to carefully control how much you wager and choose the number of spins and your total wins or losses with accuracy. You can decide what your win and lose limits are and make the game meet those requirements for you.

Golden Frog Re-Spins

Getting two golden frog symbols on the payline simultaneously will trigger a re-spin feature that continues turning the third reel until a winning combination is achieved. This special perk leads to frequent prize wins with this slot.

Switch Between Demo and Real Money Play

It’s quick and easy to play this game for free or real money. To do so, load the game and then choose to Demo it or to Play it in the standard mode. You must be a member of a Dragon Gaming casino and have money in your account to play for real, but if you meet that requirement, you can easily play this slot for real or not with the press of a button.

Modest Wins

This game isn’t for gamblers that want to win huge amounts of money. Instead, it focused on paying a handful of modest prizes. The maximum win is just 120 coins, which isn’t a life-changing amount at all.

Works Well on Mobile

This slot is designed for mobile use, and it shows on a mobile screen nicely. There are no apps required to play this game on a mobile device, and it runs smoothly in a smartphone or tablet browser.

Fortune Frog isn’t perfect, but the game is relaxed, beautiful, and has a simple playstyle that some gamblers enjoy. If you’re looking for simple and easy gameplay, this is the slot game for you.