Fruit Slots Slots

Take it easy, sit down and relax with some of your favorite fruits while gambling online with Fruit Slots. This slot game is designed to be simple looking and to offer a good solid gambling experience again and again. The slot looks decent, and it keeps things easy for new gamblers or players that don’t like all the fancy features of other slot games.

Always Wager Three Coins

The most important thing that you have to realize about Fruit Slot is that you need to wager three coins every single time that you spin the reels. This is the only way that you’re going to get the full prize payout for a jackpot winning combination. Getting the jackpot with two coins will only reward you with one fifth of the payout that three coins offers, and when you have a single coin you get just 1/10th of the total prize payout that you would get with three coins. It just doesn’t make sense to use less than three coins of you want to win big from the slot. It’s possible to bet up to $10.00 per coin in this slot or up to $30.00 per spin when you want to go big, and as little as $0.10 per coin when you want to save some cash as you play.

Watch for Cherries and Lemons

Cherries are the most valuable symbol in the game and will give you a jackpot payout if you manage to get three of them on the payline. They are more than just a good jackpot symbol though. If you manage to get one or two cherries you’ll enjoy a payout as well. A single cherry is worth between 5 and 15 coins depending on how many you have wagered. Two cherries are worth between 25 and 75 coins depending on your total coin wager. That means that you can win when you get any cherry symbols on the reels of this slot game.

Lemons are similar to cherries in that you don’t need three of them in order to get a winning payout. Just two of these symbols will also reward you with a payout that will help you increase your bankroll. You get three coins per coin wagered with two lemons and you get five coins per coin wagered with five lemons on the payline. With lemons you won’t win a whole lot of cash, but you will keep prize money coming in without having to do something too difficult to qualify for it.

Autoplay Fun

Like more advanced online slot games, Fruit slot comes with an autoplay feature that can be turned on at any point. With this feature activated it’s possible to wager dozens or even hundreds of times without having to press any button. Get those reels turning and trigger win after win even if you aren’t at the device that you’re playing on.

Forget the Features

Classic slot games are meant to be simple, and that’s exactly what Fruit slot is. The game has a basic pay table and will help you get some decent payouts with basic symbol combinations that you can understand. There are payout prizes that include one symbol, two symbols and three symbols, and within minutes you can get very familiar with how the slot works and what you can expect from it.

We like Fruit Slots because it offers frequent payouts and it’s simple to play. It isn’t packed with advanced features and doesn’t reward you as well as some of the classic slots do, but it’s a decent all-around option worth testing out at least once.