Go For Gold Slots

Celebrate the Olympic games and the athleticism involved in becoming the top performing athlete in the world with Go for Gold, the Olympic themed classic slot game. This slot comes with some pretty cool features like the proud medal winner, the gold metal and many of the standard classic slot symbols that you see on other classic slot games. When you add in the interesting background of this slot game you end up with a pretty good looking slot that you don’t want to skip over. This classic slot is more advanced than others and comes with some features that you should really know about before you decide if it’s a slot for you or not.

Betting in Go for Gold

When you play Go for Gold you need to place a wager before you get started. It’s possible to wager between one and three coins on that central line, so choose a number of coins that you want to use and then set a value for each coin. You can bet as little as $0.01 on a coin and you can bet as much as $10.00 on a coin. That’s why it’s important to think about how much money you have to work with and then choose your wager carefully.

Powerful Wilds

Go for Gold makes use of powerful wilds that will help you get the most out of every single turn that you have with the game. These wilds will multiply any wins that you get from the slot game by 2x or 4x depending on how many wilds that you have. When the wilds help you complete prizes they serve as a 2x multiplier each. If you get three of them on a payline that triggers the massive jackpot payout that other symbols can’t compare with.

A Solid Jackpot

It’s possible to win up to 2,400 coins on a single spin with Go For Gold. You just need to get three wild symbols on the central payline. Do that and you could win as much as $24,000 from the game. That’s a whole lot of cash and something very exciting for you to work with. If you have fewer coins wagered, you’ll get 800 coins per coin wagered for the jackpot. This bonus scales perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about wagering the maximum number of coins per spin if you don’t feel like it.

An Advanced Classic Slot

Go for Gold is a more complex slot game than many that you will play today, and that’s perfect for gamblers that like classic slots but that don’t want to miss out on all the features that other gamblers are enjoying. If this sounds like you, you will really enjoy what this game has to offer. If you enjoy complicated games and all the features that come with them, this one might still be a bit too simple for you. If you want a highly simplistic game, you might be overwhelmed with the features that this slot includes as you play.

Choose a Medal Bonus Game

Getting a single bonus symbol will trigger the special bonus round in this slot game. It’s a select a bonus feature where you choose one of the many different golden medals that show themselves on the screen. The medal that you choose will pay you out an instant prize. Take your time and choose carefully and hope that you selected the most valuable of all the medals in this special feature. You can win hundreds of dollars on the feature with enough luck.

Making Use of AutoPlay

If you’re a serious gambler and you have lots of rounds to get through with a slot game like Go for Gold, you should think about using the AutoPlay feature to gamble with. With this feature you can decide how many rounds you want to go through of the slot game, set up the rounds and have the game go through them without any input from you. You can go through hundreds of rounds with this simple tool, and you don’t even need to be in front of your computer to spin the reels. It’s simple to set up, and you can fine-tune the feature to go just the right number of rounds that you are comfortable with.

Go For Gold is a fun way to celebrate the Olympics and it’s a pretty complex classic slot game as well. If you want a classic slot that’s more interesting and higher paying that what you play now, you might be able to get that from Go for Gold. If you want something very simple, this might not be the best slot for you.