Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold Wild X slots is going to thrill players who enjoy board games. It's a three-reel video slot with wilds, multipliers, and a bonus game that takes a little luck to make it to the top. If you're looking for an exciting new game to try, don't miss this one.

Go On An Adventure

One of the best symbols is the bonus symbol. It's on the third reel and needs to land on the center line. If it does, you're playing Treasure Quest. The bonus symbol only appears if you bet all three credits.

In this game, you spin the number spinner. To the left of that spinner is a game board. Move the number of spaces that show on the spinner. As you move along the board, you'll win cash, tokens, or hit a pitfall. Pitfalls end the bonus game. Tokens help you move to the next level. Prizes increase as you advance to the second and third level. If you make it to the top, you win 5,000 coins.

Win Base Game Prizes, Too

Even if you're just playing the base game, the rewards with a two or three-credit wager are exciting. The highest paying symbol is the Triple 3X Wild. You can win up to 2,500 coins with three wilds and a two- or three-credit bet. With a one-credit bet, most prizes are usually cut in half. But, you'll only get 1,000 with three of the Triple 3X Wild symbols.

The wild has extra value. One wild in a winning combination adds a 3x multiplier. Two wilds increase prizes by 9x.

Symbols in Goblin's' Gold Wild X also include red and blue 7s, single, double, and triple bars, and cherries. At the very least, one cherry will pay you 4 coins. Bars pay 10 to 60 coins. The 7s pay 10 to 160 coins.

There's another feature that's attached to the bar symbols in this game. Some of the single, triple, and double bars have arrows at the top or bottom. Those arrows nudge the symbol a space to help form better winning combinations.

Select your wager and spin the reels. That's all you need to do to play Goblin's Gold Wild X. Coin values range from a penny to $5. Even if you go for the highest possible bet, you're never going to spend more than $15 per spin. Look for it today and see how far you'll get on the Treasure Quest bonus game.