Hero School: All for One Slots

Hero School: All for One is an online slot game based on the hit anime show My Hero Academia. The slot features the main characters from the series, and it gives gamblers a nice selection of symbols to play for, along with a nice clean backdrop. We personally really enjoy this game based on looks alone, but we wanted to know more about the game and if it’s good to play or not. Below is an overview of the game and what we learned by spending time with the game.

A Dragon Gaming Creation

We don’t know of many games from Dragon Gaming, but the few that we’ve tested were well made and stylish too. The software company has made a good first impression with us, and we’re excited to test out the rest of the lineup too! The nice thing about joining a casino that offers these games is that you’ll get access to games from other companies too, and many online casinos will give you a huge selection to dig through.

No Progressive Jackpots

With many modern slot games offering progressive jackpot payouts, it’s worth noting that this game doesn’t have any. When you play this slot, you’ll be trying or fixed jackpot payouts only. With that said, you can win some huge payouts from this game if you’re lucky enough.

Join a Hero School in This Anime Themed Slot

Hero School: All for One takes you into an anime show that’s themed after new heroes joining a school to learn how to be heroes. The slot is loaded with bright and fun character symbols, and we love the look of it. Even better, the game comes with bonuses that are built around its theme, too, making things even more fun and interesting.

Just 10 Fixed Paylines

Wins aren’t as frequent as you will get from many other slots because this game only has ten paylines. The lines are locked in the always-on position, but they are available with a range of different coin values. The wagering options are limited in this game because of the small number of fixed lines, which could be a drawback for some.

Bet From $0.20 to $90.00

Even though your wagering options are few, it’s possible to bet from $0.20 to $90.00 per spin. Adjust your wager value by changing the coin value of all ten lines at once. Since the paylines are locked in the on position, wagering is simple, and new gamblers will enjoy the simplicity of this slot.

A Quick Autospin Feature

Autospin is a tool that allows you to make the game spin itself when you don’t want to continue to press spin while you play. This game has an auto spin feature that’s triggered by pressing a single button and then choosing how many spins. Press the button and choose between 10 and 1,000 spins. Once you do that, the game will get started going through your spins. You are able to halt the feature at any time, or it will continue until it’s gone through the set number of spins or you run out of cash.

A Table Full of Small Prizes

If you’re looking for a slot with huge fixed prizes, this isn’t a game for you. The paytable is littered with small prize payouts, and the biggest single payline win you can get during the base game is worth 150 coins. That’s tiny when compared to other slots we’ve reviewed! That doesn’t mean that your winning opportunities are limited, though. Even though the paytable has wins worth 150, 100, 75, and 50 coins, you can still walk away with thousands or even hundreds of thousands. You’ll have to win during the bonus round, though, and you’ll have to get very lucky to win one of the top prizes from this slot.

A High Value Free Spin Bonus

The free spin round is the main reason to play this slot, and it’s one of the leading experiences that you’ll have with an online slot game! This special round triggers when you get three or more bonus symbols, and this is when the big wins begin. You’ll go through these bonus rounds with between three and five special pick bonuses. These bonuses include additional wilds, expanded symbols, a prize multiplier, and more. During this bonus round, there’s also a chance that you’ll trigger additional perks randomly. You could get a single Ultra Spin where the reels are loaded with wild symbols. You could also get a one-time instant prize worth 200x your wager. You could also get a single spin with five bonus picks activated. There’s also a Special Quest Bonus that might trigger during the bonus round. If you get this bonus, you’re guaranteed five standard wins or ten bonus symbols throughout your spins or three wins that all include superhero characters.

Try it Free or Play for Real Money

We appreciate that this game is offered in free play or real money modes. No matter how you want to experience this game, you have the ability to do so. Swap between playing for free to test features to playing for real money to try and win prizes from this game. It’s up to you how you decide to play the slot, and changing from one play mode to the other only takes a few minutes. Change back and forth between both play types whenever you like, and you’ll get more familiar with the slot and all it has to offer fast.

Huge Winning Opportunities

The luckiest players that try this slot can win as much as $220,000 on a single spin. To do this, you need to get the best symbol combination on all the paylines with a multiplier added on from the free spin bonus round. Achieving all of these different things at the same time is very difficult, but it is possible. Even if you don’t unlock the maximum prize payout from this slot, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still get a good win. There are many massive prizes to be won with this game, and it makes sense to play for them.

Just an Okay Value Game

This game offers you a good value, but it’s just good. The game pays around 96% of the money that it receives from players back as prizes. That’s pretty good, but it’s the same for many other games as well. There are some slots that pay better than this amount and others that pay worse. We don’t have a problem recommending this slot to interested gamblers, but players should remember that there are games available that are a far better value if that’s what you’re most interested in.

Designed for Tablets and Smartphones

One of the best ways to play slots online today is through mobile devices, but that’s only an option when the games are made for mobile. Fortunately, this slot is designed to run on most mobile devices. If you want to take this game with you wherever you go, you can conveniently do that. The game loads in a mobile browser just fine, and it adapts well to a smaller screen. This means you can play the slot anywhere where a reliable internet network is available.

Rating the Game

After spending a few hours testing this slot, we chose to rate it a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. Fans of My Hero Academia, the anime show this game is based on, will thoroughly enjoy this game because of its look and theme. Everyone else will enjoy the bonus round of the game and little else. The wagering and the stock prize payouts aren’t that great overall. We love the bonus round and suggest playing this slot for that, but that’s really all the game has to offer you.

This slot is simple, but the bonus round is not. If you can get through some of the dull moments while playing the base game of this slot, you’ll be rewarded with an intense bonus experience. Spend more time with this game, and you’ll grow to look forward to the bonus round and maybe fall in love with the entire game overall.