King Tut's Treasure Slots

Egyptian themed slots are a favorite for many online slot players. While a lot of these slots feature Cleopatra, King Tut's Treasure slots takes a different and interesting look at the ancient civilization.

Playing this slot will not only provide you with great graphics and winning possibilities, but it offers a new twist on a classic three reel, one payline slot. Simple but not boring, this is a great game for anyone to play.

Basics of the Game

As with all slots, there are very basic game rules that are easy to master. Everyone will enjoy this game as it offers a good wagering range when compared to other classic slots.

Wagering is done to the bottom of the reels on King Tut's Treasure slots. Players can wager from a penny to up to ten dollars per coin. It is possible to play just one coin for a spin of one cent or you can play the maximum wager of ten dollars per coin for three coins, for a maximum bet of $30 per spin.

As with all of the classic three reel, one payline slots the winning paytable is right above the reels. However, unlike other games there are a lot more graphics both on the reels as well as to the side, adding to the visual appeal of the game.


There is also an autoplay feature on the game. This allows the player just to sit back and relax. At any time in the future, simply pressing the autoplay button ends the spins and allows players to adjust the wager or go back to the manual spin option.

Symbols of Egypt

On the reels, you will see the symbols of ancient Egypt. The ankh, the pyramids, the Sphinx, scarabs, camels, the oasis the eye of Horace and King Tut's mask.

The symbol of King Tutankhamun is the highest paying symbol, earning a cool 2000 coins when playing 3 coins per line. Additionally, the is also the wild that will pay double in any winning combination with two other symbols.

The addition of the wild to King Tut's Treasure slots is a nice additional feature for a classic three reel slot. Simple to play yet entertaining, this is a very well done old-school style of slot that continues to be a casino favorite for players of all experience levels.