Marvelous Marlins Slots

Behold, the glorious Marlin! This massive fish is a trophy that many fisherman strive to capture and it’s the theme of this online classic slot game. Marvelous Marlins is a cool online slot game that keeps things exceptionally simple, while giving gamblers plenty to look forward to as they play again and again.

Per Fish Payout

When looking at the pay table for this slot game, it’s easy to think that the payouts look very small. What you might not realize is that the payout is per fish. As long as you get a single marlin on one of your three paylines, you’ll trigger a payout that’s listed on the table. That means that you have a whole lot of potential payouts to look forward to, and that you can win a lot of cash with just a couple of symbols.

The payouts of this slot game depend on the number of coins that you have wagered while playing, and also which lines you land the fish on. The top line is the most valuable, while the bottom line is the least valuable. Having five coins wagered and landing fish on the top line will get you the maximum of 45 coins per fish for the biggest payouts. Either way, you aren’t going to get rich quick with this slot game and you have to rely on lots of small payouts in order to expand your bankroll properly.

Just Four Symbols

There are some classic slot games that complicate things too much by adding in tons of different symbols. Not only do these games make it really tough to get a winning combination of symbols while playing, they also make it more difficult for you to remember what symbols are worth the most and which don’t really matter that much. In Marvelous Marlins there are only four symbols for you to pay attention to. Two different small fish, the marlin and an octopus. With such a limited number of symbols to think about it’s easy to remember which symbol is valuable and which symbols you don’t care about.


If you decide that you want to play Marvelous Marlins you’ll have some betting options to work with. There is a minimum wager limit of $0.10 per coin that you have in place, but there’s a maximum wager amount of $10.00 per spin that you have to work with as well. If you bet the maximum amount you will get larger payouts from the slot game, but if you bet the minimum amount you will be able to wager for longer with a smaller amount of money. It’s up to you to figure out what sort of level you want to wager at. You can wager up to 5 coins on this slot game, which means that you can wager up to $50.00 per spin.

Land Fish Yourself

This slot game is pretty simple, but it comes with one cool feature that makes it different than most other classic slot games, the stop spin. This feature lets you press a button to stop the spin of the reels whenever you like. By pressing this button you can instantly stop the reels and try to get winning combinations of fish. Try to land a Marlin on just the right line with stop spin and you can maximize your payouts each and every time that you play the slot game.

We love how Marvelous Marlins feels like a fishing game of sorts thanks to its careful design. Catching the fish quicker means that you will get a bigger payout for it. The stop spin feature gives you more control over where the fish end up on the reels, so it’s almost like you are actually fishing for them when you play this slot game.