Red White and Win Slots

Celebrate your heritage while going for some solid prize payouts with Red White and Win, an online slot game that offers a huge payout while being simple to play. It’s a good mix of rewarding and easy, which makes it a top option for newer gamblers that are just looking to get started. Give the slot a try and you might find that you prefer it to other leading online slot games, but before you do that read through my review to see if it has anything valuable to offer you.

Fixed Wagering

Like some other progressive jackpot slots, Red White and Win locks your wager values into position so that you can change how much you are betting when you play the game. You can choose the number of coins that you want to wager when you play, but other than that you need to stick with the same coin value. Each coin is locked at $2.50 per spin. Which means you can wager $2.50, $5.00 or $7.50 depending on how many coins you have in play. To have a shot at the full jackpot amount you need to have three coins going at the same time.

Unfortunately this is a wager amount that’s too high for many gamblers, especially when you stop at the $7.50 per spin level. That’s a while lot of cash that most players aren’t going to be willing to spend. At the other end of the spectrum are the gamblers that don’t want to wager just $2.50 per coin. These high rollers want to wager much more money per spin on this slot game so that they can win as much cash as possible while playing the game.

Symbol Combinations to Watch For

Other than the flag symbols, you want to watch out for the Statue of Liberty and the small orb symbol. These symbols will help you win valuable prizes and can be used to keep small prizes rolling in as well. The Statue of Liberty is worth between 500 and 1,500 coins if you get all three of them, and it’s worth between 2 and 12 coins if you get one or two of them on a payline. The or symbol is worth between 250 and 750 for three of them, and between 1 and 6 for between one and two of them on the payline of this slot game. With two different symbols that pay out when you have at least one of them in position, it’s easier than you might think to win while playing Red white and Win.

Easy Gameplay

Other than the huge progressive jackpot that Red White and Win features, this slot game is simple and to the point. The paylines explain everything that you need to know about the slot game as you play it. Go through round after round of this game and you’ll be bringing in good solid wins without using any features or special symbols to do so.

Become a Millionaire

How many slot games out there today give you the chance to become a millionaire? Now how many of those are classic slots? That’s right, probably not very many. Heck, you might not know of any at all, at least until now. Red White and Win gives you a chance to win as much as $1 Million all in a single spin if you are lucky enough. The only trick is that you need to be wagering the full amount of coins when you spin the reels, and you need to get three of the flag symbols on the central payline of the slot game. Do that and you will unlock the total jackpot. If you are only wagering a portion of the total coin amount, you will get either 5% or 10% of the total progressive jackpot payout, which is substantially less. That’s why it’s best for you to wager three coins every single time that you play this slot game.

Red White and Win is worth playing just for a shot at the massive progressive jackpot payout. Even if you don’t manage to unlock this top tier jackpot, you can still do quite a bit with this slot game and can even win some sizeable payouts when you play the slot properly.