Play Reel Poker Slots Now

Reel Poker Slots is a new game from the WGS gaming software company. Those who love poker and slot games will enjoy the design of Reel Poker Slots as it combines the best of both of these games. So sit back and enjoy the combination of a slots machine and a video poker game when you play Reel Poker Slots.

Reel Poker Slots Gameplay

Players can expect Reel Poker Slots to have an interesting amount of gameplay. Can you imagine a slots game which also has the same features as a video poker game? It would have been hard to imagine, but Reel Poker Slots has combined these two characteristics in an unique way. There are the regular paylines of which there are 100 ways to win in Reel Poker Slots on five reels. The symbols represent playing cards and all 52 playing cards are present on each of the reels. The playing card symbols have animated faces which also livens up the game. The win is paid out from left to right with frequent hits and credits awarded. Players can expect a free spins feature that is randomly triggered. The gameplay for Reel Poker Slots involves matching up symbols just like any other slots games. However, wins are rewarded for any poker hands created. Players should watch for a royal flush on the slot reels, which is the best hand to receive in video poker.

Bonus Feature For Reel Poker Slots

Reel Poker Slots offers players a great free spins feature. The free spins are quite numerous and players can look forward to up to 20 free spins which can be re-triggered. There are also multipliers attached to the free spins feature with up to 5x the winning for the spin. It is also possible to receive a 2x playing card out of the 15 displayed on the reels, and be rewarded with double the amount of free spins.

Players should also try Reel Poker Slots for the three jackpots available. The two smaller jackpots are known as the Minor and Major Reel Poker slots jackpots. They are just randomly triggered jackpots worth each of $75 and $750. The great thing about the Minor and Major Reel Poker Slots jackpots are they have to be won, and so players can look forward to these jackpots being won frequently regardless of the amount wagered. However, the third jackpot is little bit different. It is a large progressive jackpot, and the maximum five coins must be wagered to win.

Play Reel Poker Slots

After reading more about this combined slots and video poker game, now is the time to play Reel Poker slots online at a participating WGS online casino. Players can try for the smaller jackpots or wager the maximum to win the progressive jackpot.