New Favorite Slot

Lincoln Casino has lots of slot games in the mix for you to choose from. But maybe you find lots of games makes it harder to figure out which ones you want to play. Too much choice can be a bad thing, isn’t that right?

Well, maybe it can feel that way, which is why we thought we would guide you in finding a new top slot game to try whenever you visit Lincoln Online Casino. Follow our guide and you’ll never be short of games to try.

Check out some featured games on the home page

It makes sense to start with the easy options. Our home page has some of the featured treats that are waiting for you when you become a member. These games change regularly, so you never can tell which ones will appear there.

You can also view some highlights among our collections of slots, table games, and video poker games. Which game type will you head for?

Click on the game section to see the entire list of slots

If you want to progress beyond the featured games, it’s easy to find more to play. We’ve made games a key section in our menu. That means you can click on that and be met with dozens upon dozens of amazing game titles to check out.

But there is another perk to be aware of when you access the games page. You will see a full list of five-reel slots appearing first on that page. Yep, we’ve divided the slots into their reel types, so you get ones with five reels first, followed by three-reel slots, and finally the couple seven-reel slots we can offer too. There are very few casinos offering any with seven reels, so be sure to check those out today.

Select a title to find out more

If you want to see how a game works and what it can offer prior to playing it, no worries. Just click on the title and you can read more details about it. Once you’ve found some favorites, you can log into your account, find the game, and get started. If you haven’t joined us yet, there is no better time to do that than right now.

With lots of great slots to be discovered, playing at Lincoln Online Casino is certainly a sure bet!