Treasure Trail Slots

Classic slot games usually offer small payouts and pretty uninteresting prizes, but that's not the case with Treasure Trail. Treasure Trail is a much more generous slot game that will appeal to the most demanding gamblers that aren't excited by small prize payouts. Sure it takes a lot of luck to win big with this slot, but if you do, you'll remember your win for a long time.

Fixed Bets

Your options are very limited as far as the wagers that you can use. You can either bet $1.25, $2.50 or $3.75 depending on if you wager one, two or three coins. That's the only decision that you can make in this slot game to determine how much money you are risking. If you are okay with one of those three amounts, you can enjoy this slot game. Otherwise, you should look for something else. High rollers that think the top wager amount is too low should stop and take a look at the progressive jackpot amount before discounting this slot game. It's possible to win a huge amount of cash from this slot, and it doesn't cost nearly as much to do so as some other slot games do.

Wilds will Double Your Wins

The Wild symbols will literally double any wins that you get making use of them. That's why they're so exciting to see on the reels, and why every single win that you get using a wild is going to be more valuable. A single wild will double any payout it helps create. Two wilds will quadruple a payout they help create. Three wilds on the central payline will give you access to the massive progressive jackpot payout, which is the most ideal win that you can get in Treasure Trail.

The Massive Progressive Jackpot

Let's be honest, the only reason that you're playing Treasure Trail at all is the progressive jackpot. That jackpot can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and is one of the biggest potential prizes that you can get from a classic slot game. It's a huge potential win and something that's worth trying for every time that you get online. This massive jackpot isn't difficult to win, but it does require a great deal of luck. In order to unlock the jackpot you must wager all three coins on the turn that you win, otherwise you're just going to get a percentage of the jackpot. If you have a single coin wagered and you get the right symbol combination to win the jackpot, you're going to get 15% of the money. If you have two coins wagered, you'll get 25% of the money. Only three coins will give you the full 100% of the jackpot amount. If you are playing for the jackpot, you need to be playing with three coins.

Basic Classic Slot Graphics

Treasure Trail features basic classic slot graphics that you'll see on most other slot games as well. There are tons of BAR symbols and 7's to try and get for wins. The only two symbols that are different than the classic slot standards are the wild symbol and the treasure chest symbol. These symbols both add a different look to the slot than other classic slots, but they are pretty standard looking as well. You'll feel like you are experiencing a pretty standard classic slot game for the most part, other than the huge progressive jackpot that you could potentially win.

Simple and Convenient

Being simple doesn't mean that Treasure Trail is lacking in convenience features. This slot keeps up with the best of the modern video slots in terms of convenience features. There is an autoplay that will let you do up to 500 spins without pressing anything in between turns. There is a minimum bet and maximum bet button to help you get close to the ideal wager amount no matter how much money you want to use. The slot is simple to use and the pay table is listed right up top so you always know what symbol combinations are going to pay out as you play the slot game.

Treasure Trail is a nice online slot game that's worth testing out. It's simple in design, pretty basic looking, and offers just the essential features, but it has a massive progressive jackpot to win. If you're feeling lucky this slot game could be the one to change your life. Give it a try and find out.