Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkey Shoot is the perfect online slot game to get you into the spirit right around Thanksgiving. This fun-themed slot game features decent prizes for a classic game with a cool cartoony theme that you’ll find impossible to resist. You can win up to a massive 15,000 credits with a bit of luck from this slot game, and that doesn’t even include all the special bonuses available while playing. When you gamble with this classic slot game you’re getting a more modern slot experience which is very exciting.

Multiplier Wild

The biggest win that you can get from Turkey Shoot comes from the Turkey Shoot wild symbol. This simple symbol will multiply every single win that you get when it helps you unlock other prizes, and when you get three of these babies, that’s when you unlock the truly monstrous prizes. One of the symbols will multiply any prizes by 5. Two of the symbols will multiply your prizes by 25. Get three of the symbols and you’ll get between 5,000 and 15,000 coins depending on whether you are betting 1, 2 or 3 coins at the time of the spin. Either way you’re going to unlock a huge number of coins from this top prize, and it’s the most exciting part of playing this slot game.

Turkey Shoot Bonus

What Turkey game would be complete without a turkey hunting feature? This slot offers a special turkey hunting bonus round that can pay out as much as 500 coins if you do well on it and have enough luck. To unlock the round you need to get the bonus symbol on the third reel of the slot. Do this and you’ll be confronted with a fun little game where you try and get the turkey. Win and you’ll just add more coins to your bankroll.

Turkey Shoot is a pretty standard slot game, and it should be for the classic look that it has, but it’s a whole lot of fun as well. The game has pretty standard symbols overall, though it does pack in a good collection of wild symbols that serve as powerful multipliers. Get any of the high powered turkey wilds for huge wins, or the low powered standard wilds to get smaller multipliers and walk away with more money than you started with. This is the perfect slot game for players that want a nearly classic slot experience, with much bigger prizes on the line and a fun little bonus game to spice things up a bit.