Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

When standard classic slots aren’t enough excitement, it’s time to move on to more advanced classic slots that offer more in terms of features and prize payouts. Ultimate 10x Wild is just the slot game to play when you enjoy classic slots, but you want more excitement in your life. This slot is a nice looking game, and it packs in just the right amount of features. It has some decent paying jackpot prizes, and it has features that you won’t find on other classic slots. With that said, this slot game keeps things simple and you’ll always understand what is going on while you play the game.

Choosing a Bet

Choosing a bet amount is always important and something that must be done with care. It’s pretty simple when playing Ultimate 10x Wild. In this slot game there’s just one payline, and you can wager one to three coins on that line. Coin values can be adjusted from a low of $0.01 to a high of $5.00. That means you can bet $0.01 to $15.00 with each spin. That’s a decent range for you to work with, and it’s pretty affordable even at the upper reaches of the wager range. If you can afford to bet the maximum while playing this slot game, you could unlock some impressively large wins.

It’s All About the Wilds

Ultimate 10x Wild features two different wild symbols, and they really are the most important symbols in the game. These symbols will help you win the biggest prizes that you can, whether you just get a few of them, or you fill up the entire payline with them. There’s the 3x wild and the 10x wild. It’s possible to get one, or both of these wilds on any given spin, and you can get duplicates of each of these wilds as well.

The wilds serve as multipliers that match the type of wild. The 3x wilds will multiply winnings by 3x and the 10x wilds multiply wins by 10x. When you get a 10x and a 3x you multiply your win by 30x, when you get two 3x symbols you’re looking at a 9x multiplier, and two 10x wilds will give you a 100x multiplier. These wilds show up frequently, and will lead to some of the biggest wins that you’ll experience with a classic slot game.

Gambling Your Winnings

The gamble feature can be used after any win in this slot game. When you get a winning combination of symbols you can either move on to your next spin and collect your winnings, or you can gamble with them. If you press the gamble button, you’ll be taken to a special gamble round where you have to make a guess and win or lose. If you guess right, you double your winnings. If you guess wrong, you lose everything. This adds an additional element to the slot, and gives you another way to maximize your winnings with each round that you go through.

Unlocking the Maximum Jackpot

The biggest payout that you can get in this slot game is 10,000 coins, and it’s unlocked by getting three of the 10x wild symbols. Get three of those babies and you’re looking at a massive win that’s going to be exciting no matter what level you are wagering at. If you have the largest wager in play when you win, you’ll win a whopping $150,000 prize payout. That’s a huge win for a classic slot game and one of the main reasons that we recommend this slot game.

It’s simple, it features huge jackpots and it has powerful wilds that make every single spin exciting. That’s why we recommend Ultimate 10x Wild to gamblers looking for a challenge. If you like classic slot games, you should thoroughly enjoy what this one has to offer. Even if you don’t like normal classic slots, you might like this one anyway.